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Battery Saving advice

16: Advanced member

Ok all you Battery users

as we No


But there are some more tweeks that you don't even need ultra save mode

Firstley Normal battery save works fine if yo remember to turn things off

I have had two days on one charge with normal use

Now i have turned the cpu down but found not much change

the other thing is Apps in the video in mentions disabling the background data

Now some apps need that to work

But you can leave this on and just turn the sync off on the accounts eg Google

also uninstall apps you don't want running in the back ground

Now i no there are apps out there that claim to do this for you but its better to find this out your self

One hint is NFC yes i no why NFC

well you can Buy NFC tags for about £0.50p and when you place the phone on you can tell the phone to go into power save mode, Pic the phone up it turns it off handy if at work

there is a delay when it wakes the phone back but it save a lot of battery life

Please post any other hints below

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