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samsung note3

2: Seeker
Hi for the last few days it will not let me and emails keeps saying sign in failed but it does receive them so sign in must be fine, I've tried resigning in pulling battery etc.any thoughts?

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2: Seeker
I've been using a note 3 since December 13 and it's pathetic at best, dropping calls all the time and I'm having more issues with emails today as it won't let me send them.i don't know if it's the Vodafone network as had no problems with orange for 14 years
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi robinsonrobbo.


I'd recommend a factory reset of the Note 3. This should help resolve the issues you've been facing.


If you'd rather not reset the phone, try removing the email account completely and readding it to the phone.



Matt B

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16: Advanced member

Ok we need some info he as emails can be blocked depending on the email provider and also the app

so who is your email provider ??

also are you on a 4G plan or 3G ?

How strong is your signal ?

at any point has the phone worked ?

the main thing is don't panic but we need to address the network first as that can effect the email

eg the connetion dropping


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