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Blackberry charges on my Bill

2: Seeker



can someone help/explain whats going on with my bill,

 before i start this is my plan


Your Plan comes with 100 minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB Wi-Fi and 100MB mobile internet


Now for the past 15 months this has been sufficient occasionally went over my mobile internet allowance but i knew that and would get the £5 charge.


This month is hardly a week old and my usage had already exceeded the 100mb and a £5 charge applied, i check my unbilled usage and there's a stack of "Blackberry" charges which implies ive been constantly using whatever this relates to and im miffed to know what it is? iv'e sent maybe half a dozen BBM's a cpol of emails and maybe been on the net outwith wifi zones a couple of times, ie no more than usual.


so firstly what do these "blackberry" charges relate to and how can it be pilling up when i'm not even using my phone.


help appreciated?


dazed and confused


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Hi neily1972


If you're using a BlackBerry the plan should include the BlackBerry services, so I would like to check that.


At the same time, I can also take a look at your SIM activity and see if we can find any unusual activity.


Contact us here and we'll be in touch. 



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