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Clearing my name with debt and revenue service

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Having had a complete nightmare with overdue charges having cancelled my account over a year and a half ago, I now seem to have resolved everything with your team but they have told me I need to speak to the Credit File Support Team to be refunded the £42.16 I was forced to pay to the Debt and Revenue Services and to have my credit file cleared. I have tried without success reaching this team through the main number. I am becoming extremely upset and irrate and want to know that my name will be cleared - I have never had a bad debt in my life and this is completely the faulkt of Vodafone, which your managers have admitted and apologised for.


Can you ploease give me a number or put me in touch with this team asap.





17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I'm not sure that you can speak to the Credit File Support team directly, but your case can be referred to them and they will respond to you.   If that process hasn't been started, the forum team can take your details and initiate it for you.

I'm not quite sure what the Debt and Revenue Service is, so can I just check that this is a Vodafone UK matter?

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@LaurnaW We can certainly look into things on our side and investigate into your query. If our Credit team find that there's action which we need to take, we'll be sure to take the necessary steps. So we're able to securely access your details, please get in touch using the information in my private message.