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bill issues

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Just wanted to share my experience with Vodafone. 


I currently have (again) some major issues with Vodafone. It says online, that I havent paid my bill for months. But I did pay my bills online and have all receipts for it. As my line still works, I guess vodafone is aware of this. With all this chaos in my online bills I dont have ANY idea about how justified the charges are that they do monthly. It might be the case that they overcharge - I just cant really see it. I complained several times via chat and hotline. Nothing ever changed. 


I also just checked my Equifax - just to be sure that this doesnt affect anything. And whilst vodafone reports "everything is fine and bills are paid" to Equifax for the last months - I just found out that I have a massive red flag in my credit report from last year August, where vodafone stated that I am 6 months/ payments late (out of the blue with all other months green). Apart from the fact that this doesnt make sense, it ruins my credit - as a "6 payments late" notice is quite substantial in a report. 


I am done with vodafone. When I wanted to talk to them about it, no one really can help me. Chat doesnt work, hotline takes ages. I travel a LOT for business and have high invoices and am in different timezones regularly. I lived in my life in 5 different countries and I have NEVER experienced anything like this with ANY provider in 5 different countries. 


Maybe this entry finally leads to someone at Vodafone who can help me remove the (completely fabricated) entry at Equifax and fix my account. If this doesnt work, I am forced to spend substantial money on my business' lawyer to become nasty. Guys, this is about a simple phone contract. If you mess things up in your accounting this shouldnt have serious implications on a substantial part of my life. 




Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@jehens Thanks for getting in touch. Due to the nature of your query and credit file, we'll need access to your account to complete a full investigation into what's happened. If it's found that there's been a mistake, we'll be able to take the necessary steps to rectify this. Please do get in touch using the link in my private message and we'll be in contact.