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My letter to Vodafone CRM

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Please note I wrote this after countless promises and frustrations. I have not made these accusations lightly and have evidence of everything I claim regardless of how emotional I sound. I don't need  Vodafone fan boy clapping back. Its obvious from trust pilot how despicable this company are to people. 


We would like to complain about the shocking and terrible service we have received from Vodafone. As I write this, we have spent 8 hrs trying to get this issue resolved and we have had 2 of our phones cut off. These phones are business phones, and you are costing us literally 1000’s with no offer of a solution.

I ordered my wife a sim card for Vodafone. She was to switch from EE.

Order details -

Order date: 02/16/2022 10:39:46

You were supposed to make this switch on the 25th of February.

On the 25th of February you cut her off from EE but did not switch on to Vodafone. We called to raise the issue with your business team. I may add your small business team as I don’t believe you would trat a big business the way you have treated us.

That switch never came and we continually called you to ask why. You kept saying 24hrs to 48hrs. When it didn’t happen again we began to put our foot down. You then used language like we promise it will happen and we guarantee it will happen.

Every time we called after the deadline we were met with the same response. 24 hrs it will happen.

You would not escalate it and your business centre were reading from a script. Eventually after one week we forced you to do it.

You then said you knew what the problem was, and you needed to create a new order. During this process you managed to cancel my existing Vodafone line [Removed].

So now we have no phones in the business as you have now not fixed the first issue you created and you now switched my phone off as well.

Low and behold when we called we were continually told 24 hrs. We would scream down the phone this is not true. Your colleagues refused to read the notes but kept parrot fashion 24thrs 24 hrs.

The worrying thing for you is you denied us information on a SARS request. This has all been recorded. You also continually denied our request for a deadlock letter.

Your call centre whether you like it or not is completely incompetent and they lie and mislead. I would be happy for you to take legal action against me using this statement. Your call centre lies to customers and misleads. FACT.

Your social media are liars and mislead also.

We have requested our SAR data and fully intend legal action against you based on these lies and the loss of revenue we have had to endure.

You have not progressed since Ofcom said you are the worst mobile provider in the UK.

Your lies are massively hurtful to our business and your incompetence is staggering. As it stands, we are still without both business phones. As I write this my phone has been off for 3 days and my wives nearing 2 weeks. You promised to send us replacement sim cards as well next day….. 3days later no sim card another lie which again was recorded.

As a business this is damaging.

Your lack of support and your lies means we will be issuing a legal challenge and challenge for loss of earnings.

Once you go though the call log you will realise what we are talking about.

You continued to make promises that you had no intentions of delivering. When we called back to action next stages of the promises your new handler refused to action them. An example would be your handler refused to put us through to tech support which the previous handler agreed to do if the problem was not solved by deadline.

We have kept extensive notes on this. We warn you that on receipt of the call logs we will be reporting you to both Ofcom rep and the ICO.

We also should make you aware that the franchise owner of the store in Hamilton told us that you don’t have access to your data. Its up to Vodafone whether you get it you have no rights. Is this what you train staff to say? Now I have no evidence of this but you should be aware that this is not comforting to hear from a  franchise owner and I would expect you to investigate his conduct.

The distress this has caused our small family business I cant put into words.


  • We will continue to spam your social media and trust pilot warning potential customers of our experience.
  • Once the recordings are received, we will take out a paid advert if needs in the media discussing our stress and evidencing our loss of business
  • We will write individual reviews on each and every shop to let customers understand how bad you are.
  • We will publish everywhere we can your trust pilot ratings and the Ofcom findings.
  • We will publish on social media the recordings of the phone calls
  • We will pay for a social media Facebook campaign highlighting your incompetence. Facebook campaigns are inexpensive and wont take long to be shared out with our region.

Feel free to challenge our actions legally.

You have picked the wrong person to mislead and tell lies to. You will be held accountable and you will be exposed, Nothing speaks exposure than a customer on the warpath.

You have my cast iron guarantee that I will not stop until your franchise is damaged like you have damaged our business.

You should be utterly ashamed of your conduct and your inability to escalate a serious issue.

As I write to you, we are still not connected. You can’t even provide me with a PAC code as you have told me my phone has been disconnected but you don’t have a clue how to reconnect it….wait 24 hrs.  When I challenged who asked for this, they told me it was me. There is no record of this however but you still refuse to connect me.

Thankfully when I get my SAR data you will be in serious trouble.

Tomorrow we will be in your local shop and we will be secret filming your response  when we ask the store owner to tell us again about our SAR rights. If he dares say I have no right to my data then I assure you this will be sent to watchdog.

This is no longer a game, and I am motivated to go after you and get full compensation and expose you for the fraudulent incompetent company you are.


Steven Ross

[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information please see Community Guidelines]


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hi @stevokinevo1 - I've read through your post and I completely understand your frustration, I'm sure I'd be feeling the same if I were in your position. It isn't the level of service we aim for and we want to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.

We don't have account access over the community forum so we would need you to carry on your correspondence with us on social media. If you haven't already messaged us on Facebook or Twitter please find the steps for how to do so here. Make sure to include your landline/account number and a link back to this forum post so that you don't have to repeat yourself.