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Data usage-all gone!

4: Newbie
Something in my Xperia Z2 has used up all my data allowance for the month. I previously had a Samsung s4 and I've never eve used all my allowance up until now. I've checked data usage on my phone and it shows that Google + had used 1.96gb data in the background... What is going on and why the heavy data usage?
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16: Advanced member

Hi there


It sounds like G+ has been way to busy.  It is possible that it was syncing your photos with your Picasa web albums in the background.  Have you disabled that in your Google account settings?


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4: Newbie
I haven't... How do I do that?
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17: Community Champion

I've recently started with Google+ and photo sync is, as far as I remember, off by default.  However, open the app and have a look at the settings and make sure that it's either off or set to sync over wifi only.


If all else fails, you could go into Settings on the phone's main menu, open Accounts, then expand Google and check the list of what's sync'd there.

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