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EuroTraveller Data

1: Seeker



I would like to know for the un-used data per day will it be carried to the following day? For example, if the 100MB was only used for 80MB per day, will the following date be able to use 120MB with the additional daily charge of EUR 3? 



It said that EuroTraveller can take the UK min, text, data to anywhere in Europe Zone. Thus, if I have purchase the Big Value EUR 30 with 6GB UK data, will I be able to use the 6GB data in the Europe Zone? For example, with the EUR 3 charged daily, I will be able to use 100MB + whatever data is left of 6GB data per day? 


Thank you!

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16: Advanced member

Hi there,


Unfortunately the data is only available for use within the day. It doesn't carry over to the follwing day.


Hope this helps.

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Community Champion (Retired)



According to item 10 of the BVB Ts&Cs, "With a £30 Big Value Bundle, you’ll get an inclusive roaming allowance of 100 minutes, 100 texts and 500MB of data for use in our Europe Zone. If you exceed this allowance and you aren’t opted into Vodafone Euro Traveller, you’ll pay our standard roaming charges. For the list of countries included in our Europe Zone, please go to this page." Following these links, additional data would apparently cost £3 per 100MB.


But the EuroTraveller for PAYG Ts&Cs say (items 11-15, not 1-5)

  1. You can’t use any international or UK data allowances with EuroTraveller on Pay as you go, but we automatically give all customers 100MB a day to use while roaming in our Europe Zone 1 and 2
  2. If you make a call or send a text to a non-UK mobile or landline number when travelling in our Europe Zone 1 and 2, you’ll be charged our standard EU roaming rates
  3. If you exceed your UK minutes and text allowances, or you don’t have extra minutes or texts, you’ll be charged at your standard UK pricing terms rate for making calls and sending texts while abroad as if you were in the UK.
  4. If you’re opted in to EuroTraveller on Pay as you go, you’ll get 100MB of data each day. If you exceed the 100MB, you’ll be charged our standard rates for using data in our Europe Zone 1 and 2
  5. Vodafone Family, Vodafone Text Unlimited, £5 Weekend Freebie, Vodafone Freebie International Minutes, Vodafone Freebie Data, Vodafone Extra International minutes or Vodafone Extra Data are not included as part of Vodafone EuroTraveller on Pay as you go.

Following the links here, it seems that the charge for additional data is £8 for up to 100MB per day. The only thing that puzzles me here is that the link seems to be for mobile broadband rather than for a phone - but that is the link provided!


So no, once the 500MB from the roaming allowance is gone, you definitely don't get access to your UK data. Instead, you get a first 100MB per day covered for £3, and then you pay something (either £3 or £8 depending) for each additional 100MB. 


IF the links in both sets of Ts&Cs are correct, then NOT opting in to EuroTraveller for PAYG seems like your better bet. 


But this scale of difference seems very odd, so I think I'd better query it! I'll get back to you asap, but I fear I could be gone some time.




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