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HTC One Mini 2 Error Message

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1: Seeker


I've got an error message: has stopped working


The message won't clear, so I can't get to any of my apps. I basically can't do anything with the phone. I can't restart for example. 


Looked online for help. Lots of advice about clearing the cache. Unfortunately, I can't even get to my menu to do this. 

I can't do anything!!!


Any advice?



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Accepted Solutions
17: Community Champion

I think your only hope is a repair.   Follow the link Jamian gave you for that.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi @JMH66 


Welcome to the eForum.


Please try doing a factory reset to see if this resolves the issue.


We’re also able to take a look at the phone for you, see our repair process.





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1: Seeker

Hi Jamain, 


Thanks for getting back to me. 


I'm not able to do a factory reset, as the phone screen is jammed with the error messages - they won't clear to allow me access to any part of the phone system. 


Right now, the phone is useless. 


Do you have any additional advice?




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17: Community Champion

I think your only hope is a repair.   Follow the link Jamian gave you for that.

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3: Seeker



You have my sympathy.  I have exactly the same problem. Were you able to only get this fixed by sending it away for repair?


I have loved HTC and Android for my last three phones, but I think the love affair is over.  I haven't had my one mini 2 for even six months and it looks like it will have to go away for the second time already with two factory defaults in between to recover it in between. I would be interested to know if  you learned anyting else about this matter.

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I'm sorry to hear you're having ongoing issues with your phone.


It sounds like we'll need to send it away for repair again to have a look at these issues. 


Alternatively, you can send it directly to the manufacturer for a second opinion.

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4: Newbie

I suggest you look at the string "HTC mini 2 - always breaking" and you'll see a myriad of others with exactly the same issues. Regrettably the 'techteam' on here will just try fob you off, but you can see that Vodafone do admit (eventually) to their being an inherent problem and you can demand a different handset.


"I just want to let other HTC One mini 2 users know that - after much insistence, complaints via various channels and an email to the CEO - I have finally been contacted by someone from the Customer Relations team. They have assured me that next time this phone breaks (since I have just now received yet another new replacement) they will allow me to replace it for a different make and model of the same value.  They have put a detailed note on my file to that effect.  Obviously I cannot test this until the phone breaks again - which we know it will - but I suggest you contact this team on 03333044767 and demand the same. 

Despite what the reps on this chat say, there IS an issue with this phone, the tech team and the people in store know about it and, from my experience, are pretty embarassed when they have to tell customers there is no process for addressing it.

Hopefully the promise made to me by Customer Relations is an honest one and you can demand the same. How Vodafone go about sorting out their Customer Services and customer experience...? That is another matter because, as it stands, it falls short of the lowest of low expectations."

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2: Seeker

Will do what poster said above. Will email CEO as well. Planning to stop paying. Seems like an option to get Vodafone attention. i had 4 new handset dying after few weeks of using. Ready to act desperately just to get Vodafone attention. Customer support and tech team was highly unhelpful

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