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How do you stop unwanted SMS from 80027 that are stealing my credit?

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17: Community Champion

FWIW, if I left click on the image in Firefox, nothing happens.  However, If I right click and then select "view image", it opens full size - in a new tab.

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2: Seeker

With all due respect,I do not agree. I contacted Vodafoen and they said they would stop all premium SMS.  When the SMS continued, I was told by Vodafone that they cannot do this and that I should not have been told this.


I was also sent an SMS that I should register with another site - telephone preference service.  A quick review of the site makes it very cear that they have nothing to do with SMS


Phonepayplus are not a solution either.  It takes forever to get anything reoled with the underlying company.  In the meantime the SMS senders are coining it because people are not checking bills  etc


I believe that there is a scam where lists are being sold and the network operators are happily sitting in the middle carrying the SMS and colllecting a fee in the middle.  As customer services put it to me: "we are only carrying the SMS it has nothing to do with us".


On that particular line, I had the luxury of cancelling and getting a new subscription from another provider.  But ultimately, it is the only solution  so long as network providers do not crack down on the senders

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Not applicable

I'm not particularly in favour of these pay on your phone bill/with your credit schemes for this reason.


I do think regulators limit what technical measures the operators can take to stop service operators alleging they are impeding their business but it's far too easy for it to be abused in my view.


Saying that I don't think they do as much as they could do as it does bring a fair amount of revenue in for them.


One of a number of reasons I've always gone back to PAYG

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