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4: Newbie

My daughter received a text on her handset and replied. My monthly bill for her was over £1100. IPhone and vodafone are fully aware that people using WiFi end up on data when handset goes into sleep mode. My name says it all 45gb of excess data charges despite having WiFi available. One Test! ONE text not to me or an email. That text has crippled me financially because vodafone didn't even contact me when the bill was unpaid. First I knew was wheny service was cutoff. So I am expecting this month's bill to again be over £1000. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY.


Community Champion (Retired)
Community Champion (Retired)

You should be able to go into Restictions and disable cellular data and a host of other thing in there. You can password protect any changes so that only you can restore them Of course that would only be of use when you can get you hands on the phone to set up the restrictions.

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It is plain discusting that you can allow a handset to exceed data limits resulting in a bill 10 times normal. A single text when you reach your limit sent NOT to account holder via email bit to the handset. Then nothing you just let the poor unsuspecting customer digging themselves into financial ruin. A have 3 contracts with you and have been loyal customer for in excess of 6years but no more and I will continue to use every way possible to highlight this unforgivably immoral behaviour.

Just had a bill for £491.49 of which £461.49 was for data usage over the limit IN ONE DAY!!!! Thankfully they suspended the account quickly otherwise would be into the tens of thousands of pounds.


Three days later they contacted me but wouldn't speak to me until I confirmed my details to which I refused as it sounded clearly like it was a scam. The chap on the phone used the exact words "I heard you say your name was Josh, please can you confirm your surname and address" clearly sounded like a scam call! I've had several this year so am very vigilant.


I would never have taken out the account if I had known that additional data would cost nearly £27 per GB and was not capped at the allowance! This is written nowhere on the paperwork and I had to be told by customer services.

Nor am I able to easlily monitor data usage witht the equipment they supplied at the same time (R216 wireless 4G router)


The contract was missold - I wasn't not told that it is a "self managed account" (as i was just now on the phone) two previous contracts with O2 and now on Giffgaff, all just stop data services when the data allowance is used up.


On top of this I was told when I took out the contract (and it says on the paperwork) that the cost is £25/month for 50GB when my bills have always shown as £30 until now, thats right - they dodnt manetion, ANYWHERE that VAT wasn't inclusive.


Feeling completely ripped off and abused as a customer and if forced to pay I may have to get legal.


Steer clear of Vodafone!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

@josh23 - I can understand that you’re unhappy with the charges you’ve incurred.

We offer ways to monitor your usage, via a My Vodafone account.

When you took the contract, it would show the amount of data that’s included in your plan.

For us to access your account and discuss this further, please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Actually Vodafone do have a way to cap data, it is advertised as part of the RED+ service for sharing data services across a family. So why can't data be capped for all mobile data users?


"Share one simple data allowance with your family

Red+ gives you one data allowance to share between your family’s smartphones and tablets. You can EVEN CAP your kid’s data so they can’t go over their limit. You’ll get one simple bill for all the devices, saving you money compared with separate accounts, and you’ll get unlimited UK calls and texts, too."

Doesn't help finding out after your child has unwittingly crippled her father financially first. 

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hi @45GBin18days 


So we can take a closer look at this, take a look here for how to get in touch.


We aim to reply to emails within 48 hours. If you need a quicker response, please visit our Contact Us page.



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My last two bills were in excess of £1000 without so much as a single attempt to contact me. Vodafone are blatantly robbing their customers and I second your view. DONT JOIN VODAFONE LEAVE ASAP.

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My vodafone app DOES NOT HELP when you have several handsets on account. Vodafone know iPhones for example always switch to data even if WiFi available and constantly sync massive data amounts every day.I bet they get bonus for every apple handset they sell. Pitiful excuses and incredibly user unfriendly customer support. #LEAVEVODAFONEASAP they are going to rob you.

4: Newbie
Over 10 years and I have always sung your praises but thus is to Much I HAVE MADE IT MY MISSION to inform as many people as I can about your underhanded intentions of ripping of customers. "it's up to customers to monitor data use" sorry that ain't good enough when you refuse to put capped limit on costs. MY FACEBOOK PAGE HAS OVER 10,000 FANS they all know how you entrap and exploit customers now. Greedy plain and simple.