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Comically bad service

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2: Seeker


I have been a vodafone customer since I moved from the USA in 2019. I travel frequently for work, and in the past year I have had some truly atrocious experiences with vodafone. 

1) Vodafone turns off data EVEN IF YOU REMOVE THE CAP and does not notify you that they are doing so until after the fact. This means that if you are traveling, even if you are willing to PAY ADDITIONAL FEES, they will not allow you to. This also means that you will spend 2-4 hours trying to get a hold of someone on the phone to help you sort it out. 

2) I pay for 600 minutes of US call time per month. I recently had to call a US number directly for about 90 minutes. Vodafone abruptly suspended my service after that call, which conveniently ended at 10 PM uk and which meant that I had NO PHONE ACCESS without ANY WARNING until vodafone re-opened the following morning. At that point, I discovered that vodafone had charged me 312 pounds for the call and then, even though I have a direct debit set up, suspended my service entirely. I have no caps on my account. NOT TO MENTION I PAY FOR US CALLING - NO ONE WAS ABLE TO EXPLAIN WHY I WAS EVEN CHARGED

3) it is near IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with vodafone to understand what is going on and get it resolved in a timely manner. This is honestly one of the absolute worst phone companies I have ever interacted with and is a TOTAL disgrace


I would really appreciate an explanation as to what is happening in particular with getting charged to call US numbers when I have a US calling plan. 



Hi @london27546. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with us whilst travelling or using the extra minutes to call abroad. Please get in touch with the team on Social Media, where they'll be able to check on the charges and check on the normal and roaming cap we have added recently and help get this resolved for you.