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Unable to set call barring after switching to S4 mini with “Call barring rejected” message

4: Newbie

I'm currently in Switzerland and I've barred all outgoing international calls via the website.  I've enabled Eurotraveller so incoming roaming calls are free but I want to bar all outgoing calls as well and unlike on my old phone this is not working on the Samsung S4 mini.  

About two weeks ago I switched from an old Nokia 6330i to the S4 mini. The S4 mini takes a smaller SIM so I’ve changed SIMS but kept the same number. On the Nokia call barring worked and Vodafone customer services have confirmed that my old Nokia barring password is the correct barring PIN. I have not received any SIM updates since switching from a SIM only to pay monthly contact and not sure whether this matters.


On the S4 mini whenever I set call barring (via Phone->Call Settings->Additional Settings->Call Barring) I get the message “Call barring rejected”. I’ve tried this with the same barring password that worked with the Nokia as well as 0000.   

Vodafone customer services suggested that I activate "All outgoing calls" call barring by dialling the following from the key pad but this does not work either and I’ve tried this with both my PIN and 0000



When I enter the above I get the message:

Call barring

Connection problem or invalid MMI code

All outgoing calls for All Basic Services


Whenever I attempt changing the barring password I get the message  "Error Unable to change password" when entering my barring PIN for the current password.  Tried 0000 for the current password as well and still can't change the barring password.

The questions that I have is:

1)   How can I set call barring from the menu via Phone->Call Settings->Additional Settings->Call Barring rather than having to enter an MMI code.  I want to be able to set and unset call barring at will bearing in mind I have signed up to EuroTraveller.


There are some screenshots attached.

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4: Newbie

There was good network coversage whenever I tried changing the password or setting up call barring.

I was on a SIM only contract with the NOKIA and now I'm on a monthly contact.

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Community Manager (Retired)

Hi @lab1301 


I have checked into this issue and believe that it may be that your new device has a different MMI password set up on it. From what I can ascertain, the best way to resolve this issue would be to contact Samsung directly who should be able to assist you further.

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4: Newbie

Thanks Ellis.  I will investigate what you suggested and post here.

And anyway, why can't I set call barring via Phone->Call Settings->Additional Settings->Call Barring as I get the message “Call barring rejected” when I follow the instructions in the link below:

I was able to set & unset call barring on my old Nokia but I'm not able to do it after upgrading to the S4 mini earlier this month.  The call barring passowrd is a network password so I would expect it to be device independent.

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4: Newbie

** UPDATE **

I was back in London this weekend and I've been busy.  I managed to get a micro SIM to standard SIM adapter from vodafone near Bond Street and this has helped a lot.

  1. Vodafone in Hackney issued a new SIM to see whether this resolved the problem and there was no change. I  was told that this was a faulty phone issue and that I should contact either Samsung or Carphone warehouse. MMI codes such as *33**OLD_PIN*NEW_PIN*NEW_PIN# do not work
  2. Carphone warehouse in Oxford St inserted the vodapone issued new SIM into a Sony phone and tried call barring and got a Network rejection message. They tried calling Vodafone customer services but it sounded like the fire alarm had gone off and this was around 18:00 on Saturday
  3. Samsung in Oxford St said MMI messages like *#06# were working but MMI messages to the network were failing which suggests that this was a network issue
  4. Unlike Carphonewarehouse, all Vodafone branches in Oxford St and the one in Hackeny did not have spare phones as apparently they all come in sealed boxes so I could't try the SIM test there and I didn't have my Nokia with me either
  5. I used the SIM adapter to insert the new micro sim into my old Nokia and again call barring did not work.  Call barring used to work on this phone when I was on a Vodafone SIM only contact but no longer does under the new monthly contract. I have a photo of the error and will post it on-line tomorrow

So basically, in my view this is a network problem as it is highly unlikely that three phones, all different brands,  can be faulty.  The Nokia one used to bar calls on Vodafone under my previous SIM only contract.  I wIll try this on my second spare Nokia (different model) tomorrow.  I'll post the pictures in a new thread as this to me now definitely looks like a Vodafone network issue rather than a phone software ort hardware issue as I've been told by Vodafone.  I'll post a link to the new thread here.

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16: Advanced member

@lab1301 wrote:

I'll post the pictures in a new thread 

Rather keep everything in this thread as posting in a new thread will break the continuity and cause duplication of information. 


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4: Newbie

Further to my last post, please find attached some pictures.  Call barring does not work on all three phones.  On the two Nokia phones the message is "Request Not completed" when I navigate to the barring option via  Settings->Security->Call Barring Service.  The barring code I used was the same one that I had when I was on a SIM only contract.  Carphone warehouse geeksquad used a Sony phone to test call barring and got a "Rejected by network" or similar message.

On the Samsung call barring does not work either via MMI codes or the menu options.  As you can see from the Samsung display I'm currently roaming with Swisscom.  Basically, call barring has not worked on four different phones, one of which was a carphonewarehouse geeksquad test phone.  I can check the call barring status via the codes below but I can't set call barring, which, is what I'm trying to do:

Any suggestions Vodapone?  

4: Newbie

Dear vodafone support/customer services,

I would strongly suggest that you read the preceding posts so that you have a full history of this incident.

  1. Can you please confirm that barring is allowed and activated in the home location register (HLR) for my account?
  2. Can you please reset the barring password to 0000
  3. Your engineers should be able to see the supplementary service messages sent to the HLR to switch barring on/off .  Some feedback would be much appreciated.

Disgruntled customer

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi lab1301,


So we help further, I’ve sent you a private message to get in touch with us.





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4: Newbie

Thanks Sarah.  I sent an email yesterday evening as instructed with all the relevant information.

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Hi @lab1301


If you can let us know your email reference number (sent in an auto reply), we’ll check we’ve got it.





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4: Newbie

Hi Jenny,

The subject line of the email auto-reply that I received is:

Fwd: WRT165 [#8756230]


There is no reference number in the email.

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4: Newbie

I had a call from vodafone 1st line last night saying "You can't bar calls from..." and he confirmed that he had not read any of my posts.  I've just had another call from vodafone 1st line saying "We've barred all outgoing calls for you as requested" and once again he confirmed that he had not read any of my posts.


So to summarise here are some bullet points:

  1. I was on a SIM only contract and call barring worked on two Nokia phones
  2. I Switched to a monthly contract and call barring now does not work on either  of my Nokia phones or on any other phone fpr that that matter
  3. Can you please reset my barring password to 0000

If you want more information either call me or please read my previous posts.  I would suggets that you pass this on to 2nd or 3rd line.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi @lab1301 


If you're still having issues, please reply to our email from 7 December.





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4: Newbie

Hi Ian C,

As suggested I've replied to that email again with the subject linecontaining just WRT165.  The timestamp and subject line of the auto-response from voidafone is as follows:

From: Vodafone Customer Services

Date: 9 December 2014 at 18:35
Subject: Re: WRT165 [#8814289]


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Moderator (Retired)

Hi @lab1301


We’ve received your email and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.





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4: Newbie

Very frustratingly this issue is still open,  I've just emailed the following to customer services from my personal account.  I'm posting it here so that there is a record in case anyone else is having a similar problem or knows the solution.


From: lab1301
Date: 6 January 2015 at 22:37
Subject: WRT165

Hi Johnson,

After receiving your email I was still not able to get a network connection while in Toronto.  On returning to Zurich I checked under my account settings on the vodafone website and it transpired that call roaming had been disabled on my account!  I re-enabled it via the website and I'm now able to get a network connection when abroad.  However, there is still an international call bar in place because I get a recorded message saying so whenever I try to call the UK from Zurich.  I have been able to make international calls when in Zurich under the current contract and no idea why this bar was placed.  I suspect customer services have confused outgoing call barring with international call barring. 


Basically, when I'm abroad, I bar outgoing calls to block unauthorised usage and I need to be able to do this from my device, like I've always done under my previous contract, without having to call 191.  And the reason I block outgoing calls is because I suspect that vodafone would expect me to pay for any unauthorised usage and I use outgoing call barring as a risk mitigation strategy but this is lost on vodafone "you don't need call barring" first line support. 

My current vodafone contract started on the 1st of November 2014 and I have not been able to use call barring from my device under the new contract.   It looks like vodafone customer services are randomly placing various bars on my account without reading the history of this incident and this is why we are now very frustratingly on the third month of trying to resolve this call.


To summarise here is a timeline:

  1. I last successfully used outgoing call barring on Friday the 31st of October under my previous SIM only contract on two Nokia devices 
  2. I switched to a new monthly contract and a Samsung S4 mini device on the 1st of November
  3. On the 2nd of November, one day into the new contract,  I reported to customer services via 191 that outgoing call barring was not working to on the new device
  4. I've tried using my monthly sim on my nokia devices and I can confirm that call barring don't work on them either.  And similarly, carphonewarehouse geeksquad were not able to bar calls using my sim on their test phones 
  5. The call barring password is a network password and I suspect that the password has got out of sync when vodafone switched me from the sim only to a monthly contract.  Your 2nd line support should be able to resolve this as vodafone first line don't have a good grasp of how call barring works (see my posts on eforums)  
  6. There is currently an international call bar in place on my account and I never asked for this.  Can you please remove this bar as I'm unable to call +447836191191 when abroad
  7. I've already emailed all the details and photos under WRT165 as well as posting on eforums but basically call barring is not working on multiple devices under my current contract and this is most probably a network password issue
  8. And finally, please don't go randomly barring calls as I want to be able to bar and unbar calls without having to call 191.  Currently I'm unable to call 191 as I'm in Zurich and there is an international call bar in place even though the settings in my vodafone account says there is no bar in place


On 3 January 2015 at 21:34, Vodafone Customer Services  wrote:



Thanks for your email.


I have removed the roaming bar from your Vodafone account and have activated the roaming service.


You need to perform a soft rest on your phone by removing the Vodafone SIM and insert it back into the phone.


You can select anyone of the below mentioned networks to get access to roaming services Toronto.


  1. Cingular
  2. T mobile
  3. Union Telecom


Let us know if you are still facing issue with the roaming service.



Kind Regards,

Customer Service Agent (eForum)

Vodafone Limited
Vodafone HQ, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN
Registered in England No 1471587






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I can see we've received your latest email and we'll be in touch shortly.



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4: Newbie

The text below has been emailed to customer services with the tag "WRT165".


This is still an on-going issue first logged with 191 on the 2nd of November. I purchased a vodafone PAYG SIM [Removed for security] on Saturday the 17th of January and I can confirm that call barring works on my S4 mini with the PAYG sim with the default barring password of 1919 as follows:

  1. I demonstrated to the manager at Vodafone store in Hackney where I repeatedly turned call barring on and off on the PAYG sim at will for "Int'l calls except home", "International calls" and all the other options under call barring (see link below for the options)
  2. I then repeated the steps on my contract SIM and he could see that call barring did not work. The error message you get is the same when you either enter the wrong password or when the password is blocked on the PAYG SIM
  3. I then got him to update my customer services record to state that he had seen call barring working on a PAYG SIM but not on my contract SIM on the S4 mini.  
  4. The hackney store also issued a new SIM card just in case my contract sim was faulty
  5. The manager also inserted a different SIM on my S4 mini and I was able to make an international call. International calls are currently barred on my contract sim
  6. I then repeated steps 1 to 3 with the manager at the Vodafone store in Bond St and again I got him to update my customer services record to state that he had seen call barring working with the PAYG SIM but not on the contract SIM
  7. Furthermore, I also got the manager of the Bond St store to speak to customer services on 191 on my behalf and he clearly stated that call barring and unbarring repeatedly works on the PAYG SIM but not on my contract SIM.  The above steps have clearly proved that there is no fault with my device and the issue is with my contract sim.
  8. I then repeatedly entered the wrong call barring password on my PAYG SIM and now call barring can no longer be either enabled/disabled. So this tells me that repeatedly entering the wrong password blocks/disables the barring option as has now happened on my PAYG sim

My call barring password on the contract sim is probably locked. If this is unlocked and I'm provided with the correct password then I expect to be able to unblock the current international call bar on my SIM. The very last vodafone 191 agent who called me today (Saturday, 17th) when I was at the Bond St store around 7 PM suggested that this could be the problem and it looks like she is probably right.  The barring password that worked on the PAYG sim is 1919.  The PAYG SIM [Removed for security] is currently blocked for call barring and that is because I deliberately repeatedly entered the wrong password to see whether it would lock.  

I'm currently in London and I fly back to Zurich early evening today (18th Jan).

This is how you set call barring on the S4 mini (this is for the benefit of vodafone agents who man 191 who repeatedly tell me that call baring does not work or is not available on the S4 mini):
This is the link to my eforum posts on this issue:

The above is regarding the on-going call barring issue and here is a sumary of the timeline:

  1. I last successfully used outgoing call barring on Friday the 31st of October under my previous SIM only contract on two Nokia devices
  2. I switched to a new monthly contract and a Samsung S4 mini device on the 1st of November
  3. On the 2nd of November, one day into the new contract, I reported to customer services via 191 that outgoing call barring was not working on the new device with the password that used to work on my Nokia device
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi @lab1301 


So we can help look further into this, please reply to the last email.





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