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Why did I come back?

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Yesterday I signed up to a new Vodafone contact after a few years away. I'm now seriously wishing I hadn't bothered. The number port has gone through fine but I've just tried to register for My Vodafone only to find out I've been put on a business contract at the wrong price.

I've already spoken to customer services twice today but need to ring back as apparently the transfer of ownership department will be able to help me but their computers are down!

I'm really not impressed and I'm wishing I hadn't bothered!

Rant over!


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17: Community Champion

That doesn't sound like a good start. If you still don't have any luck with customer services on the phone it'd be worth posting back on here. Vodafone have a support team on the forum who'll be able to take this offline and investigate for you 

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17: Community Champion



Yes unfortunately my Vodafone won't work with business contracts :Sad_face:


How did you sign up ? Store or online ?

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Thanks both.  I signed up in store and at no point was a business contract mentioned and I can't see it on the paperwork that I signed.


I'll be back to O2 at this rate!

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17: Community Champion

If this was my situation I'd be straight back to the shop with everything and let them sort this out and start from scratch. 

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You're right, I'll be going into town tonight.


I've spoken to customer services again and been told again to to phone back in an hour.  I then asked about my 30 day cooling off period and was told I'd have to pay an early termination fee of £250!  When I pointed out I only took out the contract yesterday I was then told the cancellation can't be done over the phone so I have to go into store - another trip into town just because of Vodafone's incompetence.  Nothing changes!

I cancelled the contract under the 30 day cooling off period.  As well as the problems explained yesterday, the reception was poor as well (I'm sure if used to be better than that!). 


My number was taken out of the system, the store kept my SIM and I was told to get a PAC code ASAP.  I phoned customer service and was told it wasn't possible and O2 could port back on the same one.  I was also told to cancel my direct debit so I couldn't be charged.  Really?  I can't believe they are telling people that.  How to get my credit rating shot!


This morning I phoned customer relations and was given my PAC number and told not to cancel my direct debit.  I'm a bit cross my SIM was kept by the store as I will be billed until the number ports back to O2 - I'm paying for something (probably at the wrong price) that I no longer have.


I'm keeping everything crossed the port goes through smoothly tomorrow but, with the way this has gone, I'm not holding my breath!

Oops, I didn't mean to mark my last post as a best answer!


My number was ported back to O2 successfully meaning I joined Vodafone on 20-Sep and my number was ported back on 22-Sep.  As far as I'm concerned I owe around £2.  I checked my bank account yesterday and I've been billed £29.70!  


I didn't receive a bill from Vodafone to say what would be taken so I'm not too happy about that.  Am I right in thinking I will get a final bill shortly (if they bother to send it out - I can't access My Vodafone) and will get a refund?  


I'm presuming this was a first bill for the current month and a month in advance but I don't know for sure.

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Community Champion (Retired)

@Traceyjr The bill would be pro-rated.


It would be the first month in advance and the portion between the time you joined Vodafone to the starting date of your first months bill.

Thank you.  So in theory I should be getting most of that back.  I'll keep an eye on it and contact customer services if I don't get anything back.


I'm glad I didn't follow previous advice from customer service and cancel my direct debit!