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After activation sync speed dropped. Chat support downgraded firware

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I have just been through a contract renewal and was changed from Superfast 2 to Fibre 2. I was sent a new router THG3000 but left my THG3000g in place as instructed in an email. However, after VoIP failed to work on my existing router (THG300g) I was advised to switch it for the new THG3000 as the services had been assigned to the new router and not the old. That eventually worked out. However, yesterday, I noticed that my sync speed had dropped from consistent 69Mbps (has been around that for years) to 57Mbps. I left it till today and no change. So I contacted support via Broadband app chat on my mobile...


... after explaining what had happened re routers and switching on and off after activation, the support person I chatted to told me the router firmware was old and needed updating and he would do that and he also said he'd put the line on 24 hour monitoring. However, I have just noticed he had not upgraded the firmware he had downgraded it! I logged in afterwards and noticed immediately the device icons had all but vanished and now were limited to only a few...didn't bother checking anything else and went straight to the firmware revision. I made a note of it yesterday so I know it had been downgraded. Yesterday the firmware was:




After the support person changed it it is now




So, why on Earth has the person downgraded it? I can't find any way to get the original newer firmware back because the firmware update on the router doesn't work.  This has really annoyed me, and especially that he said it was out of date and it wasn't...and he downgraded it instead.


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16: Advanced member

The main thing is always going to be "is it working now"?

On the firmware version:  Vodafone has previously stated that the firmware for the THG3000 is "modular", and that rather than a full update, it is sometimes possible to update individual modules.  Provided it works, is fast, and is secure that's what matters!

As for the speed:  xDSL can be variable, reprovisioning, too many reboots or even the weather can cause the sync rate to fall.  Unless your speed has fallen below your guaranteed minimum, I'd give it a couple of weeks to settle, it'll almost certainly return to it's previous speed!


Well, I probably should have done what I have done just now before bleating on here first about it, but I took a chance and went back through the chat to see if the could undo the mess...and the person I got his time has reversed what the first support person did and put the latest firmware back. And it looks like it's all starting over as was advised not to power off for 10 days again.


So, hopefully things will improve in the next few weeks.

How the first support agent was able to install an earlier firmware I don't know. It would presumably have auto-updated itself eventually..

As for the lower sync, it's possible the swapping around triggered DLM (Dynamic Line Management).

If so the SNR is higher than the default of approx. 6.3 and it should settle down over time.