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Fibre Activation Delay

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I am growing increasingly annoyed ( P'd Off) I ordered an upgrade from Pro Superfast 2 to Pro Fibre 900 this was on 16th September with the installation and activation date of the 12th October, the Openreach engineer came and installed the ONT but advised that couldnt activate the fibre due to no light in the cabinet, the engineer advised that this would just be a case of someone in India pressing some buttons on a computer so it would be activated by midnight or the next day.


Next day comes and not activated so I contact Vodafone who tell me that there has been a delay and that it will be activated 20th October which I wasnt happy about but thought ok.., 20th comes and I contact Vodafone again as no activation to be told that it will now be the 21st so left it again as only 24hrs away, same thing called back and then was told it will be the 24th October at this point I am seriously considering moving all my services to another provider but give them another chance, then told the 25th October on the 24th October, this is where I started to become very irate, and then I am told 3rd November which is totally unacceptable, so thought I would contact on chat today (26/10/22) and now im told it wont be until 25th November (absolute Joke), I will not be waiting that long with Vodafone and will now be changing supplier unless this is resolved within the next 48hrs


Vodafone are trying to blame this delay in activation on Openreach but I dont know what to believe


If anyone has any insight that would be great