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Fibre installation gone wrong

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I recently upgraded to the 900mbps fibre as I was desperate for an upgrade since starting gaming and having massive downloads. I have always been on fttc and copper into the house giving me 80/20. As soon as fibre was available I purchased the upgraded and selected the earliest date which was 13/12/23 after installation i was told my circuit needs activating and would be on tonight. After being told that I waited until 9pm and decided to contacted Vodafone chat support. After talking for 20m to get to the right person I found that my new fibre circuit has a fault and an engineer would come out in 7 days which is ridiculous. After waiting them 7 days another engineer comes to fix the error and tells me after 1hr he needs a n23 engineer as he doesn’t have the required skills for the error I’m facing. After receiving an update from Vodafone I now have to wait until January for internet.  Apparently there is no engineer available for the job any sooner although I know fibre installs are happening daily in my area as family members and friends are having it put in and working straight away. 

overall I’m now going to end up with no internet for 4 weeks and have wasted time speaking to agents who don’t know what to do. I don’t understand why fibre has been installed from where ever right up to my street and to the telephone pole and no one has thought to check the cable for any light and to check its connected. 

I am certainly not happy and would like to have my issue resolved sooner rather than later.




4: Newbie

Yeah, this is the situations I really feel bad for, if you have your copper line removed you are then totally at the mercy of a successful provision the same day, otherwise like most households these days you are screwed. Blooming everything uses the internet these days.

I am only currenly on day 3 of no FTTP activation because there is a 'Light Issue' for my new 900Mbps service, I am lucky however, I left my existing Virgin Media cable in place, I feared there would be issues with a brand new provision so nothing has changed.

I too doubt itll be fixed soon, Christmas about to happen so Openreach have a ton of folks on leave (like most companies) whilst also there are all the bank holidays so your 'working days' SLA is kinda stetched out.

To be honest I think this is on Openreach, ive seen so many reports of this type of thing now, the ISPs have very little to do with the provision of FTTP and Openreach, they just sell it and are your go between, your fibre equipment in your home and exchange is all Openreach's responsibility I think.

Openreach said they were ready on the 28th of September in my area, I am the first customer to order for a 19th December install date, a subcontractor did the work and not Openreach and there is a fault on the fibre line somewhere. If you ask me clearly Openreach are not ready and perhaps are over stretched and Vodafone cant do alot to solve it other than offer a few quid.

Literally somewhere where down the line in one of nodes the fibre hasn’t been spliced properly or connected at all. You would think they would run a test on the pole first to see if the fibre reaches the pole before cutting out the old line and putting the new one in. 

What lights on the ONT do you have?