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New Fibre service installation

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I placed a order in November 2022 my installation date was 7th December 2022 the openreach came out on that day set up the new Fibre service box in the house and connected to exterior of the house when they go to feed the cable to the house from the pavement the duct was blocked so they come and said someone would be out within 3 weeks to repair the duct I understood that would fall in Christmas week so hopefully by first week of January I'd hear something but no I get calls continuous from Vodafone thought the week giving me different dates it should be completed by and nothing ever comes of it, they said I'll be compensated for each day not activated but that won't be added until activation so that again is a joke. I got a update on 15th January to say they are awaiting for civil engineer to get permission for digwork, I have been with Vodafone mobile contract for almost 10 years I was with now TV broadband and needing faster internet with the growing use of technology so thought Vodafone was a good option as I'm a existing customer and never had no problems with them, but this is the worst activation service I've known to date and that says alot as I remember AOL dial up, even they was faster to set up 😂 I keep chatting to Vodafone and keep getting the same answers and chucked in circles I can't contact openreach as they say to go through the service provider and I'm sick of not having any clear time on what's going on we are now 22nd January and have been told I'll have another update on 29th January so again I'm expecting nothing new, latest i got today was openreach are tied up with city fibre like what is that a meant to mean, im autistic and its on file so all this information to process isnt easy and not being told exact dates and times is hard to process. 

I see alot of people are having problems, this is a complete mess of a service in 2024 with all the modern technology to wait almost 2 months for internet to be activated it's beyond me considering they're quick to notify you if they have a problem