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Poor Communication from Vodafone on Activation Day

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Am I going mad?

I signed up to upgrade from FttC to FttH broadband (Vodafone in both instances) a few weeks ago. Today was supposed to be my activiation day, as agreed in the initial upgrade phone call.

I start getting texts from Openreach saying they haven't been able to set a date to visit yet, despite what Vodafone person told me. I contact Vodafone via chat, thy say no, it will be installed today, that was last week I think. The visit was scheduled for 1-6PM

I don't hear anything else from anyone leading up to today, so I decide to use the chat function to find out what's happening. They're not much help but there has been a delay, I decide to call too. It turns out BT Openreach had visited the area today but there was some sort of issue, so the activation is delayed. Vodafone were informed, I was not, I only found out no-one is visitng my property because I decided get in touch on the day.

As I say, am I going mad? Why is a huge company like Vodafone not forwarding delay notifications like this to their customers? Fortunately for me I work from home but for someone who has a day job elsewhere I could see this being hugely frustrating. It took me several attempts to explain to the staff I spoke to why this was poor customer service. Is this something other people have experienced too? Why does a system which presumably deals with millions of customers across the country incapable of keep them updated on things as basic delays on activation dates?



Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry you weren't updated about the delay to your activation @Boopop, I can understand how frustrating that would be. If you can pop us a message through one of our social channels, we'll be more than happy to take a look into what this, see if a new dates ben scheduled, and make sure your contact details are correct incase there are any other issues.