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Broadband not working since activation day

Hi Vodafone. I’ve tried going through your technical, to be promised that my internet will be working within two hours, or working by midnight to no avail. This is beyond frustrating. On 12th May this was my activation date after switching from Sky.N...

JamesE91 by 2: Seeker
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Rollout map

If this needs to be moved elsewhere eg to the gigafast section mods please move . Where can I find a rollout map of exactly what houses / area is and won’t be covered in Southend ? I’m not sure if it’s simple as:The houses within the Southend Borough...

dhs by 3: Seeker
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New customer - terrible experience

I decided to join Vodafone for my Home Broadband service and so far it was an absolute nightmare! It started so well, went on your website, typed my postcode and was informed I can get a SuperFast 2 Plan broadband. So I’ve placed the order and it jus...

Resolved! New Broadband Connection failing CHAPS

Hi There,I've had a real pain with new activation moving over from previous broadband supplier. We didn't change router on the new activation date. Everything was fine until a month later when the internet went dead. At that point we swapped over the...

jteez by 2: Seeker
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New build activation issues

Hi! Hope you are all well I' m moved house 2 weeks ago, I" m trying to activate a Vodafone broadband but for two times it has been cancelled (with no notification to me). I've contacted openreach because the postcode is not shown on their website and...

Fabis82 by 2: Seeker
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Cancelling Service due to no Activation

Hello, Does anyone know if I am able to cancel my Vodafone Broadband, without fees, if it hasn't been activated yet? The service was supposed to be activated back in March (literally 2 days after the nationwide lockdown was enforced) and as a result ...

No internet after activation

Recently I moved to the flat and I am a new customer to Vodafone. Openreach engineer came to my flat as per the appointment and my activation date was 5th May. It passed 8 days, but I don't have the internet connection yet. Based on the chat robot na...

Tk0 by 2: Seeker
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Wan disconnects

Can any one help that's had this issue before? I keep getting the below. Any ideas how it can be solved ? Had an openreach engineer come out 2 days ago to replace a faulty line due to this issue but I'm still facing the same problems  Vodafone tech s...

J4m1e by 2: Seeker
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Contacting current provider

I signed up yesterday to vodafone broadband. When do they contact my new provider, as it's been a day and my current provider hasnt heard from my new provider?Thanks 

loombs88 by 2: Seeker
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will i ever be activated?

So i got my new hub on 25th after switching from Sky for pricing reasons and the 'easy switch over' (ha) my activation date was the 30th - here i am, wifi-less. I've been working form home for 4 days using my data hotspot so cannot WAIT for that bill...