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2.4ghz and latest router unable to connect to this years latest cctv camera

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Alas after many conversations with Vodafone support i never got a an answer to the problem i am on the latest router, i should have gone to sky or did they copy the BT router as well ? when i was on BT i had the exact same problem , unable to split the 5 and 2.4 settings i think they believe that everything is set at 2.4, alas my latest i mean this years design is still on 2.4 GHz and i cant get it to connect IE router not found message, i would pull out my hair but an update or BT guy switching off the system i lost all my 2.4 switches again, i cannot wait for my contract to end with Vodafone , i will be moving to a company that has a 2.4 frequency my items can attach to and also a 5 and 6 GHz support alas is a nightmare and i gave up i had hoped any updates they had done was to allow a quick switch to 2.4 maybe on the guest frequency or Vodafone frequency and leave the premium to run on 5 & 6 but no luck my item was a CCTV camera this years model now sent back as i cannot get it to join the party as its frequency was 2.4 GHz i know many people have the same problem 



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16: Advanced member

@V-F wrote:
Not sure what other people do there must be 10000s of people with no 2.4GHz option. Vodafone aren't the only supplier like that as mentioned by the OP. I have seen reviews for devices on Amazon where people have complained there was no 2.4GHz on their router.

They come on here and complain about it.

There are a few "work arounds" we can suggest, but from now on I think we will suggest your solution and see if it works for everyone. 😁

Presumably you have the original "boosters" and so have the "Super Wi-Fi" tile in the app. I don't have the boosters so I have a couple of extra options in the router setup.

Yeah, I have 3 boosters from their old Pro ofer 2021.

Best 'booster' I've ever owned in fact I'd say they're faultless in nearly 3 years.

I think that OP was far too shouty rather than analysing the problem and hassling Vodafone staff and then blaming them is unfair too.

Saying that, there should be some sort of switch either via or on the bare bones app.

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16: Advanced member

@V-F  Yes you're right about other ISPs. I've seen the PN Hub 2 and a lot of it is locked-down automated. They only allow 3 channels in 2.4GHz for example.

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Strangest thing has happened with my vf router. Even when connected to the internet and using vodafone's dns I have all wifi settings available. Yes I can change the channels freely, I can split the bands and unsplit them. I'm not going to mention this to vf though 😎