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At my wits end with broadband dropouts

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3: Seeker


I am at my wits end with my internet service. We have fibre to the home, and we have been with Vodafone for the last 23 months.

Since September 2023, we started to get dropouts and long periods of no internet. The Vodafone page would pop up and I could press reconnect but it was just a waiting game for it to come back up.

After 6 long webchats and a couple of phonecalls to speak to Vodafone, they said it was due to the updates not being sent to our router. They said they would do this, it kept going down, spoke to them again, they said the updates weren't sent on and on... Finally they did something and we started to get stable internet for a short while.

It started to happen again, but without the reconnect page, so again after a very long webchat I asked them to look into it again. They took so long, that I had to say sorry I have to go now as it's been more than an hour and I need to travel.

This was after Christmas as I was going away for new year. I was hoping everything could get sorted during a time I wasn't working, as I work from home. They didn't open a case.

Back on live chat and an hour or so later, they're not taking my situation seriously so I asked for a complaint to be opened. They've said the issue is happening again as the updates aren't being sent.

A few days later, as the internet still keeps going down, I contact them again. They've said that they need to send me a booster to fix the problem and that it would be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

I didn't receieve any information about the booster delivered, and I recivied a text 4 days later to say that if I don't contact Vodafone within 24 hours my case would be closed.

I called Vodafone to ask them about the booster delivery and they lied saying it was DPD's delay, dispite having a personal DPD delivery the day after they said they would originally ship it from some online shopping.

They did then ship the booster and it arrived the next day.

I spok to Vodafone again and told them I've been unable to pair the booster due to an error in the app that there wasn't a supported router. The adviser gave me the wrong on to how to pair it, after being put through to the Wi-Fi Xperts team we managed to pair it.

I've asked for clairty as to how a booster helps, as the booster is only plugged in to a powersocket and is wirelessly paired to the router, surely if the router drops the signal the booster will too?

I don't know what to do.

I've asked for a complaint to be raised, I'm not sure they really did open one, as they lied about the booster shipping issue. I haven't heard anything from anyone about the complaint.

I've had 5 months of unstable internet, that makes work calls difficult, as well as the downtime effecting my home security cameras. I have 6 weeks left of my contract. I had originally been told that if the internet did not meet my standard due to poor service, I could leave my contract early with no fee. I mentioned this when the problem came back, and they said they needed to try fix it again or I would need to pay the early termination charges. This doesn't seem fair as they have had enough chances.


Does anyone have any advice please?


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Only 6 weeks? Stick it out and jump ship.

Even if your new provider uses the same fibre connection any fault will be sorted. 

Thanks for your reply. I think the fault seems to be with the router, not the line. So I think you're right!

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@lukeb wrote:

Thanks for your reply. I think the fault seems to be with the router, not the line. So I think you're right!

You can use your own router, but will lose easy access to the phone service. (if that is important to you?)

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Oh my gosh I could have written this! We've had almost EXACTLY the same problems  - constant drop-outs causing our lives hell, and have been told EXACTLY the same things! They said they were doing 'updates' multiple times, had us reset the router multiple times, then 'realised the updates weren't going through', then eventually sent us a booster which we installed, which didn't fix the issue. They're now telling me they won't even put me through to the cancellation team without me agreeing to pay a fee, which I refuse to do when I'm leaving them after just three months of completely unacceptable and useless service. I am tearing my hair out after HOURS of calls with totally useless customer services agents/ technical teams. I hope you also find a resolution or way out!