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Business Broadband Own router

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

So moved from TalkTalk Business broadband to Vodafone Business Broadband.  I use a Opereach vdsl modem and UniFi security device.  To date over 1/2 a dozen phone calls to support and still can't get connection details.  So far Vodafone Business Support have said I can't use my own router, I need to upgrade to Business Pro 2, etc. etc. Gone through the pain of normal 1st line support saying "turn the router off and on again", telling me I don't need connection details, although to be fair one person actually gave me a username and password, and asking the serial number of the router etc. etc.

One occasion ended up with Home Broadband support who had vlan tag info, vpi, vci, encapsulation, multiplexing and authorization type. etc. etc. info only thing she couldn't confirm was username and password, and any QoS tag. Everything needed for configuring for home broadband, but the same settings didn't work for Business broadband.  I've even said I'd pull the plug on the contract if they can't help.  Yet still can't get past numpty level support.  Spent an hour and seventeen minutes with one person this afternoon, trying to explain I needed to access my VPN back at home, so inbound connection, and she insisted the vodafone router could allow me to connect to the vpn the other end, I just need to talk to the provider of the VPN !  When I asked about vlan tag being 101 or on gigafast it's 911, for home broadband what is the setting I need for business broadband, she said if the wifi isn't working then I need to get a boaster or upgrade! ahhhhh! This is meant to be business broadband, some businesses need to use their own equipment and not some bargain basement router that can't support basic features such as site to site VPN, Wi-fi with IoT on 2.4ghz, guest and business devices on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz  but separated out in different vlans.


All I want is the connection details for my own network equipment - if they have these details for home broadband why can't I have these for Business broadband?