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Broadband slow, boosters drop out, Tobi disabled - help!

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Have had Pro 500 broadband for about 3-4 weeks now, through City Fibre.


Have had a serious issue with connectivity (not the main router in to the wall, but throughout the rest of the house. We're in an old terrace house, so long and thin, and need the additional boosters to get coverage. The fibre was installed at the front of the house. Previously, our router has been more central in the building. 


Have now got the full three boosters installed in the same places we used to have our EE network set up, but each seem to drop out with alarming regularity. I've had to work from the office almost all the time now as I can't guarantee connection, which we never had an issue with EE. 


Separately, the highest speed ever achieved is 200mbps, over half the speed of the 500mbps promised.


Getting through to the team is virtually impossible, and now the Tobi function seems to have been disabled. I've seen reports here of Openreach staff coming out to inspect - would gladly have someone come and look to check I've not done something wrong on the installation of the boosters (I followed app instructions).


One of the Vodafone team did suggest I could go and buy a powerline system, but seeing as I didn't have to do that with the inferior EE set up (fibre to the box, via phone line) then I don't see why I should spend more on things.


Would welcome any pointers on how you've resolved anything similar. Thanks!


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Tobi sulks sometimes with a particular browser. may get you connected.

On other occasions there has been successful connections to Tobi when using a private browser session.

OK that worked. Thanks for your reply!

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

How was the Wi-Fi setup when you were on EE, was it just the router, or were you using boosters/extenders?

When you say you only get 200Mbs instead of 500, is that over ethernet?

Hi. Was a router + 2 extenders on EE. Currently only tried to test the speeds over the WiFi, not plugged in to the router or extenders for a test, but the extenders are very droppy and can routinely just go offline.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

My opinion of the boosters Vodafone provide is, well lets just say I wouldn't pay for them.

I believe the EE ones are the same as BT supply and you had the perfect setup, router in the middle and extenders to reach to the extremities.

I'm still on FTTC (no FTTP here yet) and the THG3000 provides adequate coverage for my bungalow. but if I needed to improve the Wi-Fi I would be looking at going for a mesh system.

Hope you can get it resolved