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New Fibre Line Query

Hi, I wasn't sure which section to post this in and thought this might be the best one. We have just had our street finally dug up and the new fibre lines laid on Friday. I was wondered how long does it usually take between the fibre being laid and b...

ZeroG82 by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Gigaslow Broadband

Came home to find that the 100Mb/s "gigafast broadband" we're paying for is functioning at 2000x slower than that, 0.05Mb/s to be exact.So naturally I try resetting the network, nothing changes. Then I proceed to go through 4 different chats to try a...

Loss of broadband

I have lost broadband for a few days now and have an engineer booked, but will I get any compensation for loss of residential broidband?

Broadband App Woes

So after a few days of getting nowhere, today I got through to someone who knew. Long story short he admitted that it is broken. Perhaps a public announcement would have been nice.

Cynric by 16: Advanced member
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Gigacube lack of public ip

Hi I have discovered that services such as PSN are out of the question with the Gigacube due to the strict NAT settings. Will there also be problems with Googles stadia when it launches?

Ash194 by 5: Helper
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