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Frustratingly useless support from Vodafone

I have recently started having issues with my broadband continually cutting out several times a day, I've had an engineer who found an earth fault but this still hasn't resolved it, move on to a few days later when I get a text message from Ashley fr...

No internet at SL6

I know it might be due to the storm. But since morning I have no connection at all, shame Vodafone doesn't have any map of areas affected. 

SNR Margin(dB)

Hi, I've recently been having issues with my broadband connection, despite my router showing the connection as connected nothing will load on any device (ethernet or wireless) and I have to disconnect and reconnect the connection on average twice a d...

JayS90 by 3: Seeker
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How to request a DLM reset ?

Hi all,  I have been passed from pillar to post regarding my DLM capping on my line. I had a fault on the original router with a dodgy ethernet port that caused it to reboot. This reduced my line speed from 77.6mpbs to 66.9mbps. Since I determine tha...

No broadband for the last 9 days

Hi everyone, My broadband connection is faulty for the last 9 days and I'd been promised a new router that was supposed to come on Monday but it hasn't arrived. I've been resetting the current one many times over the chats with Vodafone, I have the r...

Shali by 2: Seeker
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Any positive stories about broadband service?

I've just signed up to Superfast 2 and the activation date is not until late September.  I'm a little nervous having read all the negative posts here and on Twitter, but then again people are usually quick to complain but not so much where credit is ...

Paolovee by 3: Seeker
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