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City Fibre Line Drops

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I'm having persistent issues with my Vodafone Fibre / CityFibre connection which drops almost daily for about 10 / 15 minutes before recovering itself. The Broadband and Service lights on the ONT go off completely leaving power and ethernet. 

I've conducted countless types of troubleshooting on the phone including hard resets of both the ONT and Router.  CityFibre engineer has been out once and declared the line ok ( it was working fine at that point in time )................ I'm currently waiting for another CityFibre visit but getting frustrated to suffer these continual drops in a household with three people working from home on calls most of the day. I don't hold out much hope though.

Any suggestions welcomed as to how I can help move this along a little.... / escalate etc. 

Thanks 3g.





3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Update - City Fibre came today and ascertained signal level was dropping too much between cabinet( -16dBm ) and house ( -24dBm ) - optical interface cable between ONT and outside junction box was replaced and other optical connectors cleaned.  The resultant house connection was then improved to ( -20dBm ) and service restored............ however around 45 minutes after the engineer drove away the fault re-occured.  He did say if this happened then a new blown fibre would be needed between house and street cabinet.... exactly why is unclear but perhaps cable damaged in some as yet unknown way.

Update 2 - further persistent drops. City Fibre back again to replace 100 metres of fibre from house to street cab.  Done without fuss and currently monitoring - no further drops so far. This has taken 6 separate calls to Vodafone and 3 visits from City Fibre to get this far.  If the fault re-occurs the engineer said he will replace the ONT........... not much else left to replace 🙂