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Broadband connection

FEC errors

2: Seeker

Downstream                                            Upstream

     69                                                   1857748182


CRC errrors


45                                                             22


Should  I be getting this number of errors which seem to be increasing by the second this is why I started using my own modem/router in the first place which when I contacted support they asked me to connect their router so they could check my line  when I think that my line is capped  by DLM and they asked me to connect to the test socket which I have been for 48 hours.

Since I started this post the upstream FEC errors are at 1910290231


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16: Advanced member

So, when you try to upload files or say use a speed-test site are you finding the upload speeds unacceptably slow?  Because if you are really having that many FEC errors you should be!


FEC is a means of allowing a number of errors in transmission correctable without the need for re-transmission.  So if your upload speed is not significantly slower than your sync speed it's likely that the Forward Error Corrections (FEC) are simply Corrections and not errors at all!

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