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Broadband connection

Fibre package connected to phone box not fibre box ??

2: Seeker

Just changed to VP- Been told by VP to  connect my Superfast 2 fibre package to phoneline and not fibre box as this is a half fibre and half copper package. ??? Sound crazy. So basically i have an open reach fibre box sat doing nothing whilst my broadband is connected to the small square phone line box. Any understand this. 

Previous package with talk talk was fibre and was connected to the open reach box. Told i need to upgrade if i want full fibre. Is Superfast 2 unlimted fibre not actually fibre ??? 

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Hey @Elainet12 If you've requested a Fibre to your property service, that's what you should receive. It sounds like there's a little confusion over what package you're connected to. So we can access you account, take a look and get this straightened out for you, pop us a private message through one of our social channels.

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16: Advanced member

There is only one FTTP service that is called Superfast, and that is the 100/100 service, all the other FTTP services are called Gigafast (I know, confusing isn't it! )

However as it is 100/100 and Openreach services are usually faster on the download than the upload it may only be available on Cityfibre.

Full Fibre Broadband Deals - FTTP | Vodafone

Good luck on getting it sorted, you're going to need it.

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4: Newbie

Very confusing those marketing terms, but looks good on presentation and boss understands it :Winking_smiley:

You can get Internet via telephone line:
ADSL2 - 24Mbits Down /   2Mbits Up with Annex M otherwise 1Mbits Up
VDSL2 - 80Mbits Down / 20Mbits Up called FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) by different people - 160Mbits Down / 50Mbits Up called FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) by different people

but its delivered to you over the twisted pair on your telephone line cable (there are normal 3 twisted pairs in once telephone cable :Winking_smiley: So you can have 3 x VDSL2 at home if needed .....

All the above require different type of modem/router. So if in doubt what you have to check is the devices and note the model numbers/names. Searching online would reveal what technology supported by the device.

Then there is FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) where ISP (Internet Service Provider) installs fibre cable and connects to ONT (Optical Network Terminal) that is sort of if you like a modem that transfers light into digital 1 and 0s.

The fibre is then divided into:
- GPON (shared with 32 or 64 other users)
- PtP (Direct connection, not shared with anybody :Winking_smiley:

So Superfast 2 is "VDSL2" called (Fibre to the Cabinet) :Sad_face: as fibre cable is only connected to the cabinet somewhere on the street and from there to you over twisted pair telephone cable. There are different cabinets all around UK see more here :Winking_smiley:


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3: Seeker

Hi Elaine12,

I got the same Superfast2 fibre package.

Yes, it is Fibre to OpenReach box then Copper from there to my home and uses old BT phone line connection box in house with normal Phone/PC wiring to my PC. I've had issues with "dropout" since installation (usually from 5-6pm daily and some other random shorter times). Apparently Vodafone are going to upgrade all existing SuperFast2 customers to FULL FIBRE sometime in the future (same contract price). Here's hoping that this will resolve "dropout" internet issues I'm having!

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