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Broadband connection

Flashing lights, no wifi

1: Seeker

So I have just switched over to vodafone broadband 3 days ago and have been having a recurring problem.


Initially when the router is powered on or reset it connects to the internet and I get a good wifi connection. After about 10 mins the internet drops and the power light, internet light and wifi light all start flashing white. 

This is a big issue as I have my entire heating system set up via my wifi network (genius heating system plugged into the back of the router) and thus currently don’t have control of the heating in early December!


I am plugged into the test socket of the telephone socket as advised by the third advisor. I still have my old router so may have to go back to that but really would like a solution soon! Don’t want to mess up the ‘tests’ but the heating will take priority overnight.

Anyone else had this/solved this?

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Hi @rgeleit I understand this must be frustrating, and we certainly don't want you to be cold over winter! It sounds like we've already got some line tests underway, so I'd recommend popping our lovely social media team a message here, and we'll be able to check on the progress of these for you. 

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