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Broadband connection

Gigacube 5g

2: Seeker



I have been testing our network to find out why we get dropouts games log out, YouTube stops streeming and home hubs stop streaming radio.


I have identified ping spikes of up to 1300ms over a wired connection and some packet loss.


I also have Vodafone as my mobile SIM so I tested it also from my phone with similar results.


This proves it's a network issue at Vodafone noy equipment.


I thought no problem I will call and see if they plan to fix the issue. (Wrong they tell me it's normal really in this day and age I don't think so). So I tested an O2 dongle I have for work as my home headband is not usable and it works perfectly over there 4g.


The technical support advisor would not conform his lvl so I assume 1st line his solution was to cancel my contract.


Every time you call them they just read from a list.

1, oh your SIM is not registered on the network please hardware reset the device

2, they claim this is normal not when you actually manage all your devices and have to redo all the work

3, they then blame you for changing the settings 

I for one have had enough of there lies and incompitance

Awesome Vodafone well done!

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