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Help no broadband for over 2 weeks!

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi I have logged in here in a desperate attempt to get some help.

So my broadband was upgraded to fibre on 13th January by Openreach . It went down on 22nd January and has not worked since. I have regularly checked the outage postcode checker and every day it says they are aware of the outage in. Y area

Both myself and my wife are full time WFH so this is a bit of a disaster. I logged a complaint with Vodafone customer service and they said they had notified Openreach who would hopefully fix it by last Friday . Nothing has happened so I have tried to escalate matters on twitter tonight.

Openreach say they are not aware of any issue in my area and that they haven’t been told by Vodafone that there is an issue for them to fix .

 Vodafone say they have told Openreach - so how can I prove this? Basically I am being passed back and forward between both with no-one taking responsibility .

Has anyone got any ideas what to di next here? Both myself and my wife are at our wits end . Short of selling my house or training to become a freelance broadband engineer I am stumped.






16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Is this with the vodafone router? You may just need to reset the router to force reprovisioning.

Or if you're using your own router you'll need to contact vodafone CS again as your PPPoE details will have changed. 

Hi Vodafone say there is an outage in the area it’s on their postcode checker. So that suggests to me it’s not a router problem but I am no expert. I could  ask them to send me a replacement router ?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Vodafone say there is an outage in our area too. But when you check it is just our postcode of 30 houses, none of the surrounding postcodes. And of those 30 houses only three have fibre, I am one of them and in the middle of the other two, who work, and don't have Vodafone. So the Indian call centre with their limited toolset and knowledge won't help me, because they put in my postcode and see 'outage in area'. I say yes, i know, its me! There is only me with you! And no it's not Openreach because my neighbours are fine either side, and my router says it is connected but it can't get an IP address of you guys! But it is like screaming into an abyss. 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Pyewacket  The call centre may be in another country. The specific location is not relevant as most call centres train their staff to stick to a fixed script from which they do not deviate.

Hi Cynric, you're quite right, the specific location isn't relevant, I could have said Mongolia or America, just pointing out it wasn't the UK. Having worked in (technical) call centres there are usually problems when teams are geographically seperated e.g. no knowledge transfer. There has been no compensation for this by the provision of a technical team lead to guide them on calls which fall into a grey area.

But I shall get off my soap box! I can assure you I wasn't rude to any of the staff despite my frustration, I have been at the bottom of the technical ladder myself!