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How to configure an ASUS WiFi 6/6E/7 router for the Vodafone Full Fiber 900 package.

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Today my Vodafone Full Fibre 900 broadband was activated, however, Vodafone may be misleading customers because you are sending an old gen THG3000 WiFi 5 router that uses a 5GHz WiFi connection with a maximum speed of 866Mbps, while the real speed of this device at a distance of 2m from the WiFi card in my PC is only 520Mbps (it works at 56% of the broadband speed).
What's worse, Vodafone's customer service does not understand the speed limits of their WiFi router and say that the connection will reach full speed after 24-48 hours - this is not true if you use a THG3000 router and a WiFi connection.

I am using Full Fibre 900 - this is my package.
  • Min. guaranteed: 455Mbps
  • Min./Max. download: 910Mbps
  • Min./Max. upload: 105Mbps


To get the full broadband speed you need to use a LAN cable connected between Vodafone's THG3000 router and 1Gbps network card on your PC/Mac.
To get the full speed of 910Mbps or more via WiFi, you must purchase a WiFi 6/6E or 7 (6GHz) router. Below you will find instructions on how to configure ASUS routers. I am using ASUS RT-AXE7800 Tri-band WiFi 6E router.

SPEEDTEST.NET (2m from Vodafone's THG3000 router @ 5GHz (866Mbps)

SPEEDTEST.NET (2m from ASUS RT-AXE7800 router @ 6GHz (2400Mbps)


As you can see, 5 minutes after activating my broadband (I didn't have to wait 48 hours) I got full speed when connected to 6GHz WiFi ASUS router. I get even higher speeds than those included in my package 935Mbps instead of 910Mbps.

Vodafone packages (prices as of February 12, 2024).



If you decide to connect via 5GHz WiFi from Vodafone's THG3000 router, the maximum speed will be aprox. 520Mbps, or less if the devices are more than 2m away from the router. If your broadband speed is 500Mbps or less, there is no point in replacing your router with a better one.


If you have chosen the Full Fiber 900 package and want full speed via WiFi, you should purchase a WiFi 6/6E/7 (6GHz) router.

How to configure an ASUS router for the Vodafone Full Fiber 900 package.


  1. Contact Vodafone support on their website.

  2. Ask Vodafone support to provide you with your PPPoe details.
    Username example:
    Password example: AbCdEfGh
  3. Log in to your ASUS router (login details can be found on the sticker).

  4. In Advanced Settings go to WAN

  5. In Basic Config choose WAN Connection Type to: PPPoE

  6. In Account Settings -> Username -> type your username, for example:
  7. In Account Settings -> Password -> type your password, for example: AbCdEfGh
  8. Go to the bottom of the page and click: Apply


Step by step...


I hope this guide will be helpful.

I am very pleased with the speed of the Vodafone Full Fiber 900 package, however Vodafone should provide a newer 6GHz WiFi router for this package.



I wrote that it is enough to use a WiFi 6/6E or 7 router and any network card of the same standard.

Currently I am using a WiFi 6E router (ASUS) and a WiFi 7 (Intel BE200) card with PCIe to Key E adapter, the WiFi 7 card works at speeds of 2400Mbps (the maximum speed of my WiFi 7 card connected to WiFi 7 router will be 5800Mbps). Intel probably blocks something in the drivers so that BE200/210 cards cannot be used on AMD platforms, but sometimes these cards work, for example, on the ASUS PRIME B660M board. I'm not telling anyone to buy a WiFi 7 card, all you need is a WiFi 6/6E card and you should get the same speeds as mine.
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16: Advanced member

@FirstEver  There is no reason to be rude if you disagree with someone or wish to maintain a different point of view.

I never suggested that there was any need to use WiFi 7, I merely pointed out that it is reported that there are chipset difficulties. This has been reported by a number of online technical publications, both academic and industry.

WiFi 7 was certified on 08-Jan-2024 , so apart from those items released by manufactures on the basis of the draft standard that may be able to receive firmware updates as required, the majority of the kit on sale and more importantly already owned will be WiFi 6E or earlier. My earlier comment said "ratified" which is (according to the Wikipedia for IEEE 802.11be) not yet signed-off, but ratification is expected before the end of 2024.

hi can i use my netgear xr500 vp router.  Is so bad 


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16: Advanced member

@safeman2024 wrote:

hi can i use my netgear xr500 vp router.  Is so bad 


@safeman2024 You would have to tell us a bit more about your situation before anyone can give you a definitive answer.

Thanks for your reply. I have two Xboxes series. And when I turn them on wired the connection. Everything blanks out. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get this working. It never gives me a port, also 3074. It is fine on  wireless connection.

Also one of 900 standard megabytes connection. Never had any issues with BT before. I have one other device wired and don't get any problems at all. I have only just joined Vodafone. I'm thinking of leaving already.

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16: Advanced member

Hard wired xboxes have a known problem with the Vodafone THG3000 router of not waking from powers save, there is a whole thread about it. The work around is to use a switch between the xbox and the router.

Don't know if the problem is also on the Ultra router.


Your NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 is a 802.11ac (5GHz), not 802.11ax (6GHz) router.
You will get 866Mbps link speed. I tested some smartphones with my ASUS RT-AXE7800 connected to the same Vodafone Full Fibre 900 broadband and the results are:

  • connected to Huawei P20 Pro with 5GHz WiFi (866Mbps link speed) - up to 490Mbps (0.5m from router)
  • connected to POCO F4 5G with 6GHz WiFi (1200Mbps link speed) - up to 708Mbps (0.5m from router)
  • connected to Samsung S21 with 6GHz WiFi (1200Mbps link speed) - up to 845Mbps (0.5m from router)

Yes, you can use your Netgear router, but don't expect speeds higher than 500Mbps over WiFi.
However, the real WiFi speed will be much lower, in my case 2 walls from the router the speed on Samsung S21 drops from 845Mbps to 491Mbps.

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Great guide!  I almost bought the ASUS GT-AXE11000 so was gonna follow this but managed to get a free upgrade to pro 2 for taking a sim out with them 🙂

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Thx for the reply's