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Broadband connection

Issue setting up Linksys Velop router

2: Seeker

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to set up a Linksys Velop AC6600 mesh system with my gigafast broadband.  I am wanting to use the parent Velop node as the router and do away with the vodaphone router. I have plugged the parent node directly in to the fibre Optical network Terminal (ONT) and followed the Velop app installation instructions to set up using PPPoE. I have obtained my user name (i am using the  and password. When I enter them into the set up I can not get it to connect to the internet. Do I also need the VLAN ID and how do I get that?

I have also got a Static WAN IP address from Vodafone but when I try to use that it also wants the Subnet mask, default gateway and DNS1. How do I get these details. 

Has anyone had success in setting up a Velop node directly into the ONT?



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Hey there @RohanC - I would advise speaking with our Gigafast team via 0333 304 0191 so that they can check the PPPoE logins and talk you through how to get set up with your third party router 😊

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2: Seeker

I have this problem too.  I have the user name password and vlan tag but the set up fails to recognise the details.  Tech support checked the log in details and they are correct.  I am swapping out an old dlink router which connects fine with the same details apart from I don’t need to enter the vlan info.  I need to have the velop as the first router and not in bridge mode as I also use a linksys with express vpn. Which all works fine as second in line to the dlink router.  I also don’t think this has any impact on the velop not connecting as the vpn router is all disconnected prior to trying to set up the velop.  Has anyone had success setting up the linksys velop routers with Vodafone or am I in need of a change of provider.

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