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Moving from BT

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3: Seeker

Hi Folks

I'm thinking of moving to Vodafone when my contract ends with BT on 11th August. I noticed from adverts on the TV here in the UK that Vodafone are currently offering up to £100 to offset the possible termination fees associated with leaving BT.  I'm hoping to switch to Vodafone Pro 2 package and wanted to check the timings. I've already checked that Vodafone can supply my address via CityFibre.
If my contract with BT is up on 11 August, I know I need to give them 30 days' notice to avoid any exit fees. With Vodafone, when's the first opportunity for me to contact them about switching over? Is it as simple as 30 days before the BT contract ends ie 11th August... and if they are willing to pay up to £100 for me to jump from BT to Vodafone, could I leave 1 month BEFORE the 30 days' notice period (which the £100 would cover), making it as early as 11th June? Does that sound right dates-wise? I want to get Vodafone as soon as I can, but I also want to avoid any exit charges from BT. I also want to port my home landline over to Vodafone too, but I've read that's all part of the sign-up process for a few extra £££s per month.

Thanks, Steve


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3: Seeker

I can't help you with VF offsetting  the possible termination fees, you could try asking VF chat help.

But if you do move from BT, remember to look at the cash back sites. I received £120 for moving from BT to VF.

So worth a look,


That's helpful, thanks! 👍

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I know that offsetting is supposed to be a sweetener, but it relies on Vodafone's admin being professional and efficient.  As such I'd only rely on it as a last resort.
*As someone who moved from Vodafone to BT, due to VFs inability to offer me anything near a sensible upgrade price at the time it was due.  Two months after I'd switched they came up with one offer I would have taken, and possibly the oddest upgrade offer Ive ever seen (I now know of at least one other person to get the same offer - I wasn't hallucinating).

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I would suggest in July you look on a couple of comparison websites, to see who is offering the best cashback voucher value for the Vodafone package you are interested in, follow their link and when in the Vodafone sign-up website select an activation date after the 11th August. Then you do not have to worry about any fees etc.

As you are coming from BT, Vodafone will do all the necessary change over actions/procedures for you. Simples 😉