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Moving from Virgin cable, options for mesh network?

4: Newbie

I currently have a Virgin cable Superhub running in modem mode and connected to an Amplifi HD router & mesh system. My landline is plugged into the VOIP port in the router and works fine even though it is in modem mode. I've signed up for Vodafone Fibre 900 and I believe I'll be getting the THG3000 router. This doesn't appear to have a modem mode but I believe I can enable do this to get sort of the same effect:

"You need to set up your own router to connect using dhcp, assign a fixed IP to your own router on the vox3. In expert mode go to the Internet settings and then to "Static NAT/DMZ". Enable the "Exposed Host" function, add the static IP of your own router then click apply."

However I'm concerned about the security implications of this. I could use the Amplifi HD to directly connect to the PPPoE instead of the THG3000 but then the VOIP connection wouldn't work.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Are there any mesh solutions that would let the THG3000 still act as the main router with wifi & DHCP running?



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I'm none too familiar with your kit. Does your Amplifi mesh rely on the router for control?

There is an option to get rid of the vodafone router and keep the digital voice service, so long as you're semi-technically minded, ready to read, and ready to buy a Grandstream ATA. 

No, the AmpliFi would act as the router

The AmpliFi would be acting as the router. Is this the Grandstream ATA in question or is it one of their routers? 

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16: Advanced member

Yes, that one. Or the HT812. There's a thread on the landline section describing it as the method was developed. It's a long read but the info's all there