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My new Ultra Hub won't connect to my Wiser Heating hub previous Vodafone Hub no problems

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I've had problems with equipment that requires a non internet connection between its Hub & phone before setting up a connection to Vodafone Ultra Hub. It has connected once briefly but then lost connection. Now I can't get anything. My Wiser heating hub is now a problem as my solar inverter has connected. Wiser adviser suggests changing Hub settings:- SSID split the 2.4G & 5G if they are under the same SSID - I can't do this!  but have changed to 'Compatibility mode' (this seems to have worked for the Solar inverter but not the Wiser Hub) Change 2.4G channel to either 1,6 or11 non overlapping channels I can't do this(?) Now My Vodafone won't connect to TOBI!

OH Shoot me now!


12: Established
12: Established


Some settings may help us to help you.


A photo of the rear of the vodafone router, mask the network and password please.


Get that working and note if it is or


IP address of the gateway, that is what / where your solar stuff needs to exit.


VF guest Wi_Fi.png


Consider more than one wi-fi network.


ASSIGN fixed static IP addresses where you can.


If in doubt please ask.

4: Newbie

Had the same issue when swapping from the old Vodafone router to the new ultra pro II one.  As far as I could see the issue is the Wiser hub is trying to Connect to my router using the old iP address.  I'm using the same network SSID but the IP address that it used previously is now being used by another device.  There doesn't seem to be an option anywhere to set this in the app, even fixing the IP on the router doesn't take effect.

What I've done to get it working is switch on the guest WiFi and connect the wiser hub to that.  The green light came on and stayed on and I can now connect using my phone, albeit over the Internet.

I'll try swapping the network back in a few days once the DHCP leases expire and see how that goes.