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Broadband connection

Packet loss

2: Seeker

I've been with Vodafone on the Superfast 2 package since last September and I was quite happy with the connection. In recent weeks, however, there has been packet loss which, although not a complete loss of connection, is enough to cause problems using the internet - webpages stop loading, videos stop playing, problems gaming. The packet loss occurs almost every evening, and there are also other times of less problematic packet loss. 


In the house there are 2 desktop comupters which are using a wired connection to the router. There is also a work laptop, 2 phones and an ipad connected through wifi. All devices are impacted by the packet loss but the devices on wireless are rarely used in the evenings when the most significant packet loss occurs. 


Because of problems with acheiving a stable connection, I started a Broadband Quality Monitor on the connection back in May. I've attached some graphs as an example of what is going on. I've tried resetting the router, including pinhole resets. I've spoken with customer service, who run tests and seem to think because the speed is fine, there isnt a problem.


Any thoughts about what is causing this? And more importantly, what can be done to achieve a stable connection?


Thank you in advance!


Vodafone 1.pngVodafone 2.pngVodafone May.png



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Hey @SarahPea 

Have you got the Vodafone Broadband App downloaded?

If so, it would be useful to see a screenshot of your speeds when you're experiencing the loss so we can do some further investigating. Pop them over to us on Social

You can also change the channel and split the SSID to stabilise your speeds via the Broadband App. Remember if you're changing the channel you need to give it a full 24 hours to see if the connection improves.

There's more information on our Website here

There's also a handy video on how to do this 🙂

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16: Advanced member

The BQM (Broadband Quality Monitors) use ICMP to ping your router and record packet loss.  A problem with this approach is that while it can identify that there is a problem between the thinkbroadband servers and your modem/router, it can't tell you where that problem is.  It's further complicated by the fact that if you are maxing out your connection, then most routers will discard the ping request rather than valuable user data..


Vodafone support (online, social media, or phone) can set up monitoring on your router to try and pinpoint issues.


*I'm absolutely positive if you told some VF staff your cat had died they'd claim splitting your SSIDs would resurrect it.  Splitting the SSIDs has one single very specific benefit, which for most people can be achieved in a far more transparent and easier fashion!

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