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Poor Service

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi there.

After experiencing extremely bad service from the Vodafone system, Vodafone Customer Service team and Vodafone broadband. I highley recommend you AVOID Vodafone! 

Had countless problems with the customer services, whether it's a phone call with them and/or through that RUBBISH Tobi service WebChat.

The mobile side I agree can change depending on the surrounding you are in can impact the signal, 

The broadband I'm paying for FullFibre900 (on app) & GigaFast900 (on contract) so already 2 different things, AND I'm getting 350MAX speeds! What am I paying for? 

As for the apps, SACK whoever created them, and start it from scratch with something that not only works, but with the links that actually work when you click them... rubbish, if nothing improves I'll be leaving! 

EE was way better! I joined on a recommendation. 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Tommo95 How did you measure the speeds?

What steps have you already taken to resolve the speed issue?

What broadband product are you actually on, because I believe that Giga is limited to certain UK locations at present.

Google speed test, Vodafone speed test, I don't use ookla speed test as they boost speeds.

Ive moved the room around, to help speed it up, that helped by 10MBPS... I'm even rebooting it every week, it's not helping much at all, when I signed up, the system said to me I could get 650minimum, so far 350max, that's not even in GigaBytes, of course cause we don't have that type of infrastructure in the UK.

This is what I'm saying that app and my contract say different things, AND Vodafone Customer Service is as useless as the system.... 

Says everything when the service team don't know what's going on because the system itself doesn't even know what it's doing

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Tommo95 Were the speed tests done on WiFi or Ethernet? Did you try VF's own speed test? What speed does the router say that the service is at? The speed tests done on WiFi are not reliable.

If you have IPv6 turned on anywhere in the router then turn it off, it can cause problems.

Can you run a trace (tracert, traceroute or WinMTR - which ever suits) to and it should be possible to see which is the connection point you are using. Some people are unlucky and get connected in to VF hundreds of miles away.

Speed tests were doing both WiFi and Ethernet, the results I've given out are Ethernet, as you say WiFi as well as Mobile Data are unreliable in that the connections fluctuate too much. 

IPv6 systems were turned off during the Ethernet testing, not the WiFi I must admit... 

Okay that last part threw me off admittedly, I haven't heard of them systems

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Tommo95 Windows - tracert, Unix/Linux - traceroute, WinMTR - either I think.

So, at the Windows CMD prompt, you would type "tracert"

When you post the results remember to hide your router's external IP.

C:\Users\me>tracert /?

Usage: tracert [-d] [-h maximum_hops] [-j host-list] [-w timeout]
               [-R] [-S srcaddr] [-4] [-6] target_name

    -d                 Do not resolve addresses to hostnames.
    -h maximum_hops    Maximum number of hops to search for target.
    -j host-list       Loose source route along host-list (IPv4-only).
    -w timeout         Wait timeout milliseconds for each reply.
    -R                 Trace round-trip path (IPv6-only).
    -S srcaddr         Source address to use (IPv6-only).
    -4                 Force using IPv4.
    -6                 Force using IPv6.