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Ring Doorbell & Vodafone Fibre 100

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I've recently taken on a package with Vodafone for their Full Fibre 100. I was previously with Sky Broadband and I've had a ring doorbell for the past year or so. When I was with Sky I never had an issue with connecting to my ring doorbell. Whenever I clicked on the live view it came on almost straight away and everything was crystal clear. 


Since moving to Vodafone I've had continuous issues with my ring doorbell. I have split the network so the ring is connected to the 2.4ghz rather than the 5ghz as that's what it says is best for the ring doorbell. However, it still does not work. I've tried resetting the ring, the router, moving the router higher up etc. My house is a 2 bedroom terrace and the router is less than 5 meters away from the doorbell.


Has anyone else had this issue and if so, how did you rectify it? I've spoken to Vodafone who have quite frankly been useless. They've told me it should reach between 10-12 meters and because mine doesn't, that's basically my problem and I have to pay for another package to get 3 boosters which I don't need and do not want to pay for. 


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16: Advanced member

2.4Ghz connection problems are becoming more frequent on these forums.

Read through that thread for diagnostic advice, particularly the test whether 2.4Ghz is even transmitting. 

Thanks for your reply. I have an amazon blink camera inside my property that we use as a pet cam, this connects to 2.4ghz and works perfectly. In addition, we have two smart plugs that connect through 2.4ghz and again there are no problems with them. It just seems to be the ring doorbell.

The relevant question is to whether the 2.4Ghz radio is transmitting properly, particularly the ssid. The op in that thread also had several devices that still connected, it's just one device woukdn'd connect because (as proven by the test) the ssid was not being broadcast.

I myself have several smart plugs connected to 2.4 with the ssid hidden deliberately and they're fine, but I doubt a ring doorbell would cope in this situation.

Whover's at fault makes no difference, ring doorbells don't work without a broadcast ssid. I doubt the designers of it even considered such a scenario.

@CrimsonLiar your thoughts? 

Thanks for that, I'm not a broadband guru - would you know the best way to change the channel?


The only way I know of (though not done it myself) is an older version of the vodafone app.

Google: Vodafone Broadband 4.1.0 APK

You have to disable updates for this android app and many have used it successfully. 

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Ring gen 2 doorbell Using Jurassic Fibre FTTP and the Nokia router before was with BT home hub 2 FTTC Now it does not work not even appearing in the listed router choices in the Ring Android phone app which works fine as does 2x laptops win 11 2x
Chromes and 2X nokia G60 it appears the Ring gen 2 speaks french in FTTP