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Static IP Issue

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I have my Voip details, my Asus router access details and requested a static IP. (Caveat: I'm not tech savvy). I need the static IP to retain my landline function using my own Asus router and was hoping for a more stable line.

Since receiving the first static IP, my IP has changed  5 times in less than 10 days - First static then changed to Dynamic IP's four times, then back to a static. I am in Scotland and requested a scottish one (?) and was told several times I had, However every time i checked with various sites I have never been Scotland, so far I have had London, Leeds, Derby and again back in London.

Can someone help me figure this out as I am seriously on the verge of leaving Vodafone because my connection and latency have just been going from bad to worse. My gaming for example is an issue where my latency goes from 23 to 50 plus and it's difficult to even join games now. Before they messed things up my average latency was around 15 and even with VM it was around 22 but it was stable. I am wanting to connect to Edinburgh - Can this be done?  


Not sounding great for me is it and yeah, I've been having multiple streaming issues on the firesticks especially but gaming is my thing. VF should have called back today for an update - they dfidn't so was looking into Brillband for FTTP but reviews are kind of 50/50... so maybe frying pan and fire!

I really thought the FTTP was going to be far superior to FTTC but never realised who provides it/uses it would be so crippling. Thing is as well, I have been advised three times that my static ip was in Scotland and each time it's not so don't like being given the runaround. :Sad_face:  - Is it even POSSIBLE for them to get me onto the Edinburgh gatweway or any other scottish one (or an english one thats decent)? 

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16: Advanced member

@P1x3l8  Unlikely as it's a dynamic load balancing algorithm that you're up against. Even if you did the other parts of the internet are not under the control of VF so there's no guarantee of better luck. 

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16: Advanced member

From past experience there's no way they could assign a fixed route to a specific gateway, or even to a local area. Those settings are decided automatically and are deliberately kept out of the minions' reach.

A while back fixed routing was available to business customers, but likely even that's been removed.

Load balancing is a great idea, until it's working badly and overloading the links instead. 

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OK thanks to you both. So realistically what are my options...Anything else I can try?

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The only thing I can suggest is cancelling your static ip. As it is now you're locked to the Leeds gateway - at least with a dynamic IP you'll stand a chance of hitting your local gateway. 

OK thanks - What I'll do is call them and roll the dice on emore time to see if i get a better gatreway..Plan B and if not then ill ditch the static and the landline and take it from there?

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I wish I'd used a stun server myself, I'd be able to help a lot more with it. You could ask the question in that thread though, a lot of members are subbed to the topic - I'm sure someone could help with it. 

No worries and can't thank you enough - I'll head to that thread and try and get my head around..some..of it lol

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I have made my move from Vodafone/City Fibre to FACTCO/CityFibre.

I moved because Vodafone's line quality was unreliable and latency was 40ms at times, even via ethernet. VF's practice of shifting user's Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) as part of their load balancing strategy produced variable latency rather than their claim to provide low latency for gamers. Shoot'em up gaming was affected in our house.

FACTO uses City Fibre's local and national networks. For £29.99 a month, + £5.00 for static IPv4 and IPv6 static IPs, I get a 1Gb symmetrical connection.  

Pings to Cloudflare and the BBC give me an average latency of 6ms.

Screenshot 2023-11-24 075358.png

Check out what ISPs are available on City Fibre's network in your street by going to the CityFibre site. I shopped around for a VoIP provider. 

Had same issues last night gaming so rebooted my VF router - I had a static IP in Newcastle and now it's changed (still static) to Bradford?????