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Static IP Issue

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I have my Voip details, my Asus router access details and requested a static IP. (Caveat: I'm not tech savvy). I need the static IP to retain my landline function using my own Asus router and was hoping for a more stable line.

Since receiving the first static IP, my IP has changed  5 times in less than 10 days - First static then changed to Dynamic IP's four times, then back to a static. I am in Scotland and requested a scottish one (?) and was told several times I had, However every time i checked with various sites I have never been Scotland, so far I have had London, Leeds, Derby and again back in London.

Can someone help me figure this out as I am seriously on the verge of leaving Vodafone because my connection and latency have just been going from bad to worse. My gaming for example is an issue where my latency goes from 23 to 50 plus and it's difficult to even join games now. Before they messed things up my average latency was around 15 and even with VM it was around 22 but it was stable. I am wanting to connect to Edinburgh - Can this be done?  


I believe the cable is shielded yes here it is:  And router is not near any functioning devices except the telephone connected to it :Winking_smiley: 

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I have my VoIP details, Asus router access details, and recently requested a static IP to maintain my landline function using my Asus router for a more stable connection. However, I've encountered a persistent issue with my IP changing multiple times, alternating between static and dynamic IPs.

Despite requesting a Scottish static IP, my location seems to be consistently identified as outside of Scotland, with IP assignments pointing to London, Leeds, Derby, and back to London. This discrepancy is causing frustration as I specifically wanted a Scottish IP, preferably in Edinburgh.

I am not very tech-savvy, but the frequent changes in my IP address are impacting my connection stability, especially noticeable in online gaming where latency has increased from an average of 15 to 50 plus. This is making it challenging to join games, and I've experienced a decline in overall performance.

I am on the verge of considering leaving Vodafone due to these issues. I am reaching out for assistance in resolving this matter and ensuring a more stable connection, ideally with a Scottish IP, specifically in Edinburgh. Your help in addressing these concerns would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Eleanora Isabella

@EleanoraIsabell wrote:
Despite requesting a Scottish static IP, my location seems to be consistently identified as outside of Scotland, with IP assignments pointing to London, Leeds, Derby, and back to London. This discrepancy is causing frustration as I specifically wanted a Scottish IP, preferably in Edinburgh.

I'm not sure how you think you requested a Scottish I.P. address, but Vodafone don't give us the option to choose where our I.P. location is.

Having said that, it is not possible to tell location from an I.P. address. All the services who try to do that use databases, none of which appear to be correct for Vodafone.

The best you can do is to find out where your gateway address is, as that is where you actually join the internet. You can get your gateway address from the router under Status & Support. Jayach_0-1700844851079.png


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16: Advanced member

@EleanoraIsabell If you're getting different IPs then it's not static. It's not unknown for Vodafone to fudge things up. It's also known here that vodafone, when attempting to serve a static IP, that the connection craps out.

If you want to use the digital voice service it's actually better to have a dynamic IP and use a stun server. 

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Hi... I'm confused here - I have just had a message deleted after it was marked as to be moderated - why I am oblivious. The other thing is that Eleanoralsbell is copying and rewriting my post (it does read better) but it my post so why are peeps replying to i missing something? Also I was advised at least 3 times by the wifiexperts that they had changed my IP to a scottish one and that my gateway would be Edinburgh - don't shoot  the messenger please lol. Moreover, I was also advised that being on Edinburgh as opposed to Leeds gateway would make no difference - (This is basically the message that was deleted)??? 

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16: Advanced member

Noted. Eleanoralsbell is now on my spammer list.

TThe fact remains, vodafone's implementation of static IP doesn't work (proved by me, twice now) and there's absolutely no way they can provide static routing when their poorly implementing load balancing takes priority over everything else (including common sense).

Customer support, and the so-called WiFi experts don't have a clue either, especially since they're not even in the uk and have zero knowledge of networking.

Vodafone UK is overdue an audit. 

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Whats this all about - I posted earlier now its gone... Posted again and took ascreen shot and now it's gone again???

My question for you is at the bottom of the screenshot on the left side...vfcapture.JPG



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You are being fobbed off. The cat 6 or 7 cable won't make any difference to your latency or you being routed via London. 

The people who work in technical support are not technical, they just read off flow charts and there is nothing in their flow charts about routing or latency.

Your only option is to leave. Lots of people here have tried complaining about this issue, I even got through to the CEO's office once.

The bottom line is they don't care and the people high enough up the chain are unaware that the load balancing doesn't work properly. It's been this way for years.

Just to add, I'm back on Edinburgh and it seems to be the destination of choice for people who live miles away in England.

I've learnt to live with it, but only because I'm getting 900mb for £12 per month.

Hi..thanks for your reply.

I'm really not best happy as after everything I've done and with all the support I've had on here, I think I've accepted my fate regards Latency. I've been on the phone constantly about the changes and how the Gateway change has detrimentally affected my line latency but even although theyre very polite it's just a case of latency is not gauranteed in your contract therefore move on. I'm stuck with this now (£58 pm) for 18mths now!!!

I'm now using my own router, binned the phone and the 5g back up and looking for some potential ways to reduce my latency and or stabilise my line but I'm thinking that nothing might change as the issue is external. I have port forwarded for Warzone ps4, using QoS and also using gaming mode and nothing has changed anything - I am not  a happy gamer now ;(