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Broadband connection

Super fast broadband & FaceTime

2: Seeker

Ever since I’ve ‘upgraded’ to super fast broadband 2 I’m having problems with FaceTime connection. The video doesn’t match the sound. 
when the engineer arrived he was surprised I didn’t have a new router but said he could get it to work. Internet is ok but not on FaceTime. 
I’ve chatted Vodafone 5 times. Spent 5 hours on to them. Constantly get told ‘we’ve changed some settings. It will definitely be working within next 24 hours. Still not working. 
a lovely lady has made contact and agreed to send me a new router.  However it’s still not working. I’ve missed her call to see how it’s getting on so now it’s another 2 days that I have to wait. On our first call she did say there was some interference but I’ve no idea what it is. I’ve it nothing new in the house other than the fibre connection box. Could this be interfering (sorry if that’s a stupid question) 
Im also now having problems with poor 4g and I’m honestly finding the internet slower than before. 
my speed test looks fine. 
wish I’d never bother ‘upgrading’. Doesn’t feel like an upgrade! 

Just a note to also say, yes I’ve updated all software. Tried different devices. FaceTime is fine when I’m not connected to my WiFi. Elsewhere all works well so I know it’s not my phone. 

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16: Advanced member

The problem is that the router, doesn't even see video and audio, it simply sees packets of data.  That data should then be reassembled into video and audio on your device.  It's possible but unlikely that QOS settings could have an impact, but you'd have needed to change them in the first place.  It's also possible that if your phone is only connecting on 2.4GHz WiFi and it's bad that could be problematic.  Other than those two things, it's unlikely to be router, or Vodafone related!

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