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WiFi keeps dropping

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I switched to VF in November and have had signal problems from day 1.  

Signal keeps dropping randomly and can be anything from 30 seconds to a few minutes before it comes back.  Sometimes it can be ok all day and not do it.

signal strength is poor and doesn’t reach the whole downstairs, never mind the house!

Today it’s not working at all and I can’t connect devices to it.

Ive contacted VF and they’re sending a booster but I dont see how it will fix things as ive received instructions on how to pair to the hub, which seems to suggest it needs a signal in the first place.

ive been told my cancellation is £150 which I’m tempted to do as the service is so poor compared what I had with BT

Any ideas appreciated? 



Hello, @Dari80. I hope you're well. 

It's disappointing to hear that you've been having problems with your broadband, as I appreciate the importance of having a consistent signal. If there are inconsistencies with the signal within the home, a booster can help to improve the coverage within those blackspots. However, if you're experiencing complete loss of signal currently, that could indicate that there is a wider issue going on, which would likely need to be troubleshooted further. 

While a Wi-Fi connection cannot be guaranteed, due to the many variables within a home which can impact the signal, we're certainly committed to providing you with the best available service, and there are troubleshooting steps which can be taken to make sure the drops aren't occurring directly on the line.

Have you taken a look at the Network Status Checker? There is a broadband section which allows you to check for any known issues in the area which could be affecting your service, but also self-serve the diagnostic tests to see if any issues are flagging with your broadband line. Alternatively, you can message here or call up on 03333 040 191 to discuss your signal issues further. 

I had zero problems with BT.  From the day I switched, I have had intermittent problems with signal randomly dropping.  The router is clearly weaker than BTs given how signal gets round the house when it is working, but my main issue is the inconsistency along with today having had no signal at all - none of my devices can connect to it. 

I understand you can’t guarantee service - a bit weird given it’s your business - but these problems all started in November when I switched to VF.  I put up with it until you emailed me to say my monthly charge was increasing in April, at which point I contacted your tech team who said they’d look at it.  Nothing changed.  They also said they’d waive the increase , but didn’t.

i have today contacted your team again given it is completely not working, and I’m now being sent a booster.  You therefore obviously accept there is a problem but if there is no signal, I don’t see how this will help.

We are hotspotting from phones and it’s more reliable than your service.

I understand what you're saying, @Dari80, and it's disappointing that the service which you're getting is less than expected. I understand the Broadband Support Team have sent you a booster to try and improve the signal around your home, but if you're still experiencing problems once it arrives, please reach out to them again so that they can investigate this further. If there's an issue with your service which hasn't been solved, we absolutely want to get to the bottom of it for you.