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YouTube terrible speed and buffering

4: Newbie

I am on Vodafone fibre so just under a year and no problems getting 10mbps but over the last 5 days I am getting terrible performance on YouTube on wifi on all devices. It either buffers, doesn’t play video and occasionally I get a period of a few minutes with no problems.

I have rebooted router and reset firmware and spoke to  Vodafone but no solution. If I connect to mobile data all is good, and all other streaming video sites work fantastic and my wifi speed is always good. Any ideas?




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16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I believe the peering problems with Google seem to be resolved, as the fact nobody else has posted on this thread for a while demonstrates,

Is it only YouTube your are having problems with? Are other streaming services unaffected?

What are evening speed tests like?

Only YouTube, confirmed across multiple devices and between two Vodafone mobile accounts (this is 4/5G not fibre). Connection speeds are fine for everything else I use. Speed tests often report 100mb downloads at the same time as the issues. I’m able to stream 4K from Apple TV no problem.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I hadn't realised it was mobile connection(s). It does seem strange if everything else is working fine.

I know nothing about mobile broadband, but if possible can you change your DNS settings to Google to see if it helps? and


I have the same problem, contacted Vodafone multiple time with no soultion... it is annoying also with expensive bills.... Speed test showing 40MB+ but youtube connection speed only 500KB around, cant even play 480p video smoothly.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member


With that download speed you should have no problems with YouTube, the earlier problem that prompted this thread appear to have been solved.

What device or devices do you have this problem on? Do other streaming services work O.K.?

Hi, I am using 5G gigacube. I tried other website like Netflix, they looks fine.

The problem is just for youtube during 5pm to 11pm everyday... I tried different browser but its the same

This describes my problem exactly.


Setting the DNS to Google will significantly speed up your browsing, especially during peak times.


Those Youtube videos all have URL's inside the code that has to be looked up. Using Googles server as your DNS will make Youtube load faster. I had the same issue when I first joined.


All UK ISP's have crappy DNS servers and the solution is to switch to public DNS. 


That’s no excuse, customers shouldn’t have to mess about changing DNS settings to get the service the pay for. I’ve got no interest it changing my DNS settings and neither am i interested in paying for a VPN.

Thanks for the info though guys, really useful to know.