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500mb drops at 8pm every night - taking my money elsewhere, bye Vodafone

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3: Seeker

Like many of you, I have just had enough of the drop in performance daily in the evening. My contract ended this month so the timing is perfect. I have 500mb connection, I run speed tests daily and I can see that from 8pm every night I go from 500mb down to less than 7mb. 

I stream everything, mainly youtube and it all starts buffering from this time in the evening. I'm at home full time with my wife working, no kids at home to blame. Paying for this service makes no sense so I'm off to Talk Talk. I know they will probably be just as bad but money talks, if you aren't happy, try somewhere else. Vodafone says they don't throttle, they sure do - look at this forum for an example - so many are saying the same thing from the same times, are we all talking rubbish or is the service just really bad. 


Contract terminated - had to laugh as they offered me a low cost sim while cancelling this service..... LOL


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I have same problem with broadband speed in the evening,but, unfortunately I am still in contract with those ##~## and I don't know how to get rid of them.Vodafone,,Pro'' broadband STINK!

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16: Advanced member


Have you actually contacted Vodafone support? Some people have found getting a static I.P. can help. It's not necessarily the static I.P. that helps but it may get you a different gateway,

If you can get nowhere with support, then raising an official complaint can get you the ability to leave without penalty, if they can't solve it.

Complaints Code of Practice | Vodafone UK


Morning - sure did - multiple times


Like many others experience - the support staff just go through a pre-written answer, deny that throttling is happening. Ask for tests which I do and clearly show the throttle at the same time each evening - they continue to deny and round and round you go.... if you complain hard enough you can leave your contract.


My contract was just finished so why accept this poor service, time taken to complain, price increase for this quality of service. This isn't a £10 broadband deal, it's almost £50 a month and as someone that works constantly from home my web connection is essential. 


I think Vodafone had the exclusive partnership when fibre was rolled out - if they are oversubscribed then this is how they manage it. Reduce your connection, deny it, repeat and just keep taking customers feedback on the chin. Looking through this forum tells you that customers are unhappy... 


I'm not saying Talk Talk will solve everything, but customer service has always been better and with a new account I'm expecting a re-set on my customer account and don't expect to have 7mb an evening. The reason I believe this is throttling - only download is reduced, upload holds solid. Here are 2 images - 1 from the evening, 1 from the morning. 3FB26630-709A-44F5-BF1F-D6E422BA3EC4.JPG



complain hard enough and they will end the contract - this isn't the service you are paying for

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16: Advanced member


I think if you are going to TalkTalk with CityfFbre, I'm sure your speeds will be fine.

I don't believe the current problems are throttling, as that is a deliberate act. It's far more likely to be lack of capacity at Vodafone. (Although from the customers point of view the effect is the same)

I do believe they are trying to improve things, but it is taking time.

Do let us know how it is after you move.

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3: Seeker

I have same problem I will try to cancel f*** vodafone contract... I have 4 friend who have vodafone at home and all have same problem, 7:55PM speed 475mbps and 8:10pm speed is 3mbps.. Impossible to watch IP tv etc.. Thank you VODAFONE! 


I will create video and will post on youtube how ##~## "fast" vodafone broadband.. Better  stable 65mbps all the time, but not 500mbps daytime when we don't need it.. 


@VITALIJUS1986 - thanks for posting the speed test examples. I understand this must be frustrating. We'd like to check a few things from our side. Please come and talk to my team through Social Media