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Broadband connection

do i need a modem

2: Seeker

Hi I was hoping someone could help me.

I have the Vodafone Gigafast FTTP service

My current setup is as follows;

Vodafone Fibre Connection------->Gigapoint 801Gv2 Fibre GPON------>CAT5e RJ45------->Vodafone Router---->Home Devices

I would like to use my own router Asus RT-3200 for my home routing. My question is does the Gigapoint 801Gv2 act as a modem in which case will i only need my PPoe username and password from Vodafone. Or will i need to do some more configuring.


Or alternatively will I need to install a modem between my router and the gigapoint. If this is the case does anybody have any suggestions.

I used to have a netgear DM200 in my previous FTTC this wont work as the netgear has 2 ports 1 RJ45 LAN port (to the router) 1 RJ11 VDSL Port. The Gigapoint is RJ45. so i will need a modem that has at least 1 RJ45 LAN and 1 RJ45 WAN. 


Many Thanks for your help


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2: Seeker

following on from this if i am stuck using my VF router as modem only what are the settings that i need to use. I presume set VF as static at turn dhcp off and then on my asus static and the dhcp range - then set the dns as vodafone dns or can i use a better dns range like google or cisco

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16: Advanced member

With the correct settings, you should be able to connect from your GPON straight to the Asus RT-AC3200u router, and do away with the VF router entirely - there is no need for a modem!


What you will need to do is get your username & password and find out if you need to express a VLAN Tag and possibly priority too.  If you do I suspect the tag value is going to be 911.


Using the current Asus router firmware you'll need to express this using the Lan settings > IPTV set the profile as manual and the set the Internet VID as 911


If at all possible do not try to route things through the VF router.  Doing this "Double NATs" the connection which can cause a multitude of issues for some users!  Far better if you need to, is to turn the WiFi off on the VF device, and set up the Asus router as an Access Point (though you will lose most of it's functionality).



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