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usb3 Hard Drive Problems with THG3000

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‎13-02-2024 07:37 PM


       I  have a problem with 2 HDD, one 3TB and the other 6TB.   I have used both these usb3 HDD with other routers, the last being the BT Smart Hub2 and before that one of my own, a TP- Link and the HDD have always gone into power saving mode.  Something with the Vodafone WiFi Router THG3000 keeps the HDD active, I can hear the read/ write activityevery few seconds with the indictor light constantly flashing 

         At first I thought it could be compiling a media listing but this has just gone on too long, weeks infact. I cannot discard the router for my own TP-Link as I had planned because i was given false information when I signed up, namely that the VoIP phone connection used a seperate ethernet device.

There is no problem with accessing the HDD or it's contents over my local network, just the fact of the drives being kept constantly woking 24/7.  One is a mobile HDD and the other a desktop HDD, the contant churning of the drives will seriously shorten the products life


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If you have many files on the drives the router is probably failing to index the drives due to its own lack of memory.  It's not just the VF router that struggles with this but most ISP-supplied routers!

There are many files but if it is as you suggest there is a Fault in the firmware

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16: Advanced member

@anoldfart You could add the TP-Link router and just use that to host the drives. You'll have to make sure that WiFi, DNS and DHCP are off and give it a static IP address.  Failing that get a NUC or Raspberry Pi and use it to host the drives.

True, there are ways to bypass the problem but why run a second router using more power just because there appears to be a firmware fault

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16: Advanced member

You have a router that is designed to primarily be a consumer-grade router.  When you start using it in a manner that is more demanding than your average consumer, it is likely it is going to underperform.  It's a router, not a file server!  I've a 120GB SSD plugged into my Asus GT-AX6000 router, and I don't expect that to work as a file server for the media files I have.  I have a (old) NAS, and a NanoPC-T6 (pi superclone) those are what I rely on for media serving and cloud gaming - not the router!

1/,  You are ignoring the fact that the router has a "Share Hard Drive" setting

2/,   if what you believe is true then why does the Router compile a list of MEDIA?

3/.  I don't want a media service, just access to file content without the router hammering the He'll out of the HDD.


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16: Advanced member

1. It's a router. The file server is a gimmick, a selling point with the original technicolor version. 

2. It's a router. The media server is a gimmick............. 

3. The router doesn't let the usb drive sleep. It's a gimmick.

Even Asus/Netgear/ router's can't do the above properly. You want to trust your data to Vodafone's crippled router? Go right ahead.

Please don't shout!

Sorry, an item sold/ provided as part of a service is sunject to the usual Trades Descriptions Act etc.  You are obviously willing to be mis sold an item and not complain or expect it to be put right, you are wrong and that attitude just makes things worse, because manufacturers and retail come to believe it does not matter and everthing will be mis sold and not be what it should be.

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16: Advanced member

Hmm, my NAS (and other backups) have files that go back to the days when the OS was CP/M.  I've set up countless routers not only for myself but for others, with my first home connections being through a 1200/75 connection directly to (the) JANET.  I've even set up a T-Base10 router connected to the internet over a serial port to the MK2 Nokia Communicator in the middle of a field.  I've seriously considered MFDs combining router and storage from the likes of pFsense (even though I hate it), Mikrotik, and Synology, but I have my reservations about the gatekeeper of my network doing none gatekeeper stuff!  In home use, I've absolutely no experience of any ISP router that is capable of working as a file server with the number of files I would need it access.  I've been horribly spoiled, in fact, I've never had an ISP-supplied router that has been capable of what I've come to expect.  So yes I've set up more than a few routers!