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Are customer services correct ?

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Account not active yet (Full Fibre 200 Plan) just been doing some checks/searches on the community to try and make sure everything goes as well as possible.

I asked a question in the community about the THG3000 and manual WiFi channel selection and obtained the expected answer.

Thinking that the best way to ask questions, seen lots of negative posts about the phone support, was via the Facebook page direct messaging.

Having seen some posts about difficulties obtaining information to use your own equipment. I thought it best to get confirmation that I would be able to obtain the necessary details, after activation, to enable me to use my own router and VOIP ATA equipment ? Lots of details about it on the community pages.

I was not expecting the reply I received:

"Our Home Broadband Terms & Conditions state that you need to use the Vodafone router and not any 3rd party equipment. I can appreciate this isn't what you'd like to hear, and I'm genuinely sorry to have to have to tell you this. If you'd like to discuss cancelling the order, you'll need to speak to the Cancellation team directly"

So I read the Terms and conditions from the link provided and note that item 3.7 (see below - I will be on Full Fibre FTTP) seems to imply that it is OK.

3.7. Equipment. We will supply the Vodafone Home Broadband and Phone equipment to you. You can use your
own router to receive the Vodafone Home Broadband and Phone Services but you must: (i) ensure it is
compatible; and (ii) use your Vodafone router in order to display speed information on the Vodafone Broadband
app. If you are a Vodafone Fibre to the Home Broadband customer (previously known as Vodafone Gigafast
Broadband): (a) speed information will not be available on the Vodafone Broadband app; and (b) you will need
to use the Vodafone router in order to use the phone services. You must not connect equipment to our network
that may harm it, or anyone else's equipment or services.

So do I continue and hope for the best when I ask for the information after activation, and if I obtain problems leave during my 14 day cooling off period, or get out now while I still have the chance ?


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Stumpy21 You can use your own router and you can use VOIP but you are likely best to use a Grandstream device, there's a long thread about this.

The help desk will give you your credentials for PPPoE and sometimes they do not get it right first time, so if you get login failed ask again (and again). 

Some routers the forum seems to collectively know more about than others, but in general the information is portable. If you have a particular router in mind please search the forum as it might have been discussed already and this saves creating duplicate threads.