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Internet speed

Disgusted by Vodafone & Their Tech Team

1: Seeker

Been with vodafone for years and years even after moving houses. Never had issues or complaints until early this year. I am completely appalled. Tech team is below useless. 

I started having issues with my speeds dipping badly or having wifi connected with no access to the internet. 

First time I called in after running the test that seems to be an answer to everything (NOT) I've been suggested 'call back when I have an issue happening'. So technically suggested to sit around waiting for those dips to happen to make sure they can see it on their test. Well with wait time on the phone and all that and my speeds bouncing up and down it is impossible.

I disregarded it and left it at that. Called again after that multiple times all just to be told 'test doesn't show anything' and as it was coming and going issue they didn't do anything really. One advisor split my wifi channel saying its going to be better, another put them back together again saying it is going to be better. Finally we arrived to the late August when finally someone done more than one what seems to be answer to everything test and noticed there is a fault in phone line. Three weeks along - 6 openreach engineers later my speeds are still at a third of what it should be. For 90% of what this year passed I have been paying the price of 35mbps but been receiving 1-15mbps at best. Like a weekly ritual I have called tech 2 again. Advisor incredibly rude - did not let me speak and said he sees my speed on router is 58mbps - I wonder how as my laptop has been barely testing at 9mbps at the same time. Apparently I've been told by him that they do not test Wifi speed. Explain to me how can you be a wifi provider and not test it speed? I never even been made aware of that even though I was speaking with multiple advisors a week. Cherry on top - after multiple requests I still have not been provided with a copy with my contract so I don't even know what I have signed up for. Even tough I have moved late last year and my contract has been renewed like a new contract restraining me for another 18 months - never been provided a copy. So I can't even read through it to see what they are meant to be testing or doing. Absolute joke. Moving along this advisor proceeded to say I need to buy new and better extender and upgrade my plan so I would have better speed. Really? You can't guarantee me a basic 35mbps why would I pay you more just to fail provide me even that? I told that advisor his suggestions are not helpful and terminated a call. He had an audacity to call me back while I was at work to scream at me and insist that all this can be rectified by spending more money on a service Vodafone can't guarantee they will be able to supply. And by the way the phone number advertised as complaints team connects you back to basic tech team - STOP MISLEADING PEOPLE. All and all I think I had given enough chances for Vodafone to rectify this - I put up with more than I should of and the only solution here is to leave for good. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND. EVER. 



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16: Advanced member

While I totally agree Vodafone support is dire, I am wondering if you are complaining about Wifi speeds or sync speed? If Vodafone say you a connected at 58Mbs, that is sync speed.

If you have had multiple Openreach engineers, they will be trying to fix sync speed issues not Wifi.

Have you run speed tests whilst wired to the router?

Post you stats like this, so we can see your connection speeds.

Line Quality

  Downstream Upstream
Current Rate78308 kbps20000 kbps
Maximum Rate79859 kbps26614 kbps
Signal-to-Noise Ratio5.2 dB9.9 dB
AttenuationDS1 9.1 dB, DS2 22.3 dB, DS3 34.8 dBUS0 2.0 dB, US1 15.3 dB, US2 24.8 dB
Power12.7 dBm4.3 dBm
CRC Errors in last 2116 minute(s)1636


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